Call-out for The Broken Rifle 108: the militarisation of policing and security

Militarised police in training. Photo: Tim McAteerMilitarised police in training. Photo: Tim McAteerAll around the world, police forces are being militarised. The lines between the roles of the police and the military are being blurred, with narratives of heightened threat (from terror, drugs, social unrest or people on the move) being used to justify this militarisation.

Militarised policing is something which runs far deeper than the surface veneer of militarised equipment and body armour; scratch the bullet-proof vest and underneath you will find a militarised mentality conditioned to perceive the 'other' as a threat, an enemy, and to respond accordingly.

The Broken Rifle 108 will set out to explore the different faces and changing nature of police militarisation as well as the consequences for our societies and we are looking for contributors to this issue (to be published in July). Find out more here.