Stop NATO 2017!

The new NATO headquarters in Brussels under constructionThe new NATO headquarters in Brussels under constructionOn 24th and 25th May, NATO leaders will be in Brussels for the inauguration of their new headquarters and an important NATO summit – the first to be attended by US president Donald Trump.

On the table will be a push to make certain that NATO member states increase spending on their military budgets to 2% of GDP, with 20% going towards buying arms; fuelling a destabilising arms race.

At a time when NATO is escalating tensions by deploying troops and weaponry around the world and modernising US nuclear weapons stationed in Europe, a call-out for international actions against the NATO summit has been made demanding that we put people first and say no to war.

From Sunday 21st to Friday 26th May, there will be a week of action and peace camp including a demonstration and counter-summit. Look out for further information about a workshop to be co-hosted by WRI.

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