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War Starts Here

WRI Council meeting & ofog/WRI seminar, and action camp in Luleå, Sweden, 19-29 July 2011

War Resisters' International will meet in Luleå in the north of Sweden for its 2011 Council meeting from 19-21 July 2011. The reason why we are meeting there is NEAT - the North European Aerospace Testrange, Europe's largest overland test range (see map). But we are meeting there not just because of NEAT, but because one of WRI's Swedish affiliates, ofog, has an ongoing campaign against NEAT, and is organising a seminar and action camp against NEAT in Luleå following the WRI Council - from 22-29 July 2011.

It is important that you register with War Resisters' International as soon as possible, so that we know how many people are coming. Register now at

Mass nonviolent action against NEAT on 26 July

At Europe's largest military training area, NEAT in northern Sweden, armed forces from around the world train the dropping of bombs and develop new destructive weapons system. We will not let the war preparations continue undisturbed. On 26 July, we use the colour pink to mark NEAT as one of the cornerstones of the global war machinery.

A pink caravan will reach the military airport at NEAT. Once there, we mark the area around it pink, we get past the fence and mark the runway pink, we use our bodies, banners, colour and humour. We use the colour pink because it is a strong and evident colour - perfect for exposing the destructiveness and violence of the military.

Together we form a solid voice that calls for an end to all violent expressions of militarism. Come and join the mass action against the war machinery!
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For the action ofog agreed on nonviolence guidelines:

  • All participants must be part of an affinity group and attend a nonviolence- and action training which will be held at the camp.
  • We do not use physical violence or verbal intimidation against anyone
  • We do not bring alcohol or a macho attitude - but preferably music, art and humour.
  • We respect joint decisions regarding actions.
  • We act responsibly and safely so that we do not harm ourselves or others.
  • We take responsibility for our own actions, including possible legal consequences.

International Seminar "War Starts Here" - 23/24 July 2011

The programme for the international seminar that will take place the first weekend of the camp (23-24 July) is starting to take form. During the seminar peace activists from the whole world will meet and connect different aspects of anti-militaristic struggle. The programme includes:

Military bases and local resistance: with examples from NEAT and resistance in Norrbotten, Bombodrom in Germany and South Korea. Speakers: Gun-Britt Mäkitalo (Women for peace, Kiruna, Sweden), Jungmin Choi (WRI, South Korea)

Professionalisation of military, recruitment, and counter-recruitment. Speakers: Patrick Sheehan-Gaumer (USA) Andreas Speck (WRI, Germany(UK)

Right to land and military bases: how do we connect the struggle against the military exercise areas and for the right to land? Speakers: Adriana Castano (Red Juvenil, Colombia), Pelao Carvallo (WRI, Chile/Paraguay)

Women's campaigns against wars and feminist responses to war and militarism: examples from Greenham Common, UK and female conscientious objectors in Turkey among others. Speakers: Hilal Demir (WRI, Turkey/Spain), Sergeiy Sandler (New Profile and WRI, Israel), women who attended the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp

Climate hearing: testimonies by people affected by the destruction of the environment/climate changes and by the war waged because of natural resources

Feminism, queer and anti-militarism: what does it mean to refuse militarism on all levels of life and activism? Speakers: Hilal Demir (WRI, Turkey/Spain), Andreas Speck (WRI, Germany/UK), Sergeiy Sandler (New Profile and WRI, Israel), Pelao Carvallo (WRI, Chile / Paraguay), Millcent Tanhira Rutendo (Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe)

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Alcohol Policy

For the camp to be as open and inclusive as possible for everyone, the War starts here camp is drug and alcohol free. The places and activities that are organised to be used for participants of the camp (seminars, manifestations, actions, camping area, dining, common transport...) are thus alcohol-and drug-free places.

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For those of you who live some distance from Luleå, it is high time to start thinking about how to get there. To help you out we give you some information about transportation in Sweden below. Once in place in Luleå, we will travel by public transport, on foot, on bicycles (will be available to borrow) or, if necessary, in cars.
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The organisation Women for Peace organize a bus from the south of Sweden to Luleå. Departure 21th of July. 500SEK (around 50 Euros) return ticket. Contact for more info.

The Finnish Union of Conscientious Objectors organises a coach trip from Helsinki to Luleå, through Tampere, Jynäskylä och Oulu. Departure 22/7, 100 Euros return ticket. Read more at

The bus company "Y-buss" drives from Stockholm to Luleå. You find them at their website or by phone at +46(0)771334444.


Two night trains leaves the south of Sweden to Luleå every day. Prices vary depending on day and get more expensive closer to departure. You'll find the train company at or by calling +46(0)771-757575. If you have problems booking on, you can also try


At the website, we'll post information about cars going to the camp and has available seats. Contact if you'd like to be on the list. Please also contact us if you have a car that we can use during the camp.

You can also find a ride through various carpooling websites such as,, or

Going for free

At you can find rental cars the company wants someone to drive back to the place they were rented. It's free to drive such a car, but you don't know until some days before if there is one available.

From Stockholm, the highway goes all the way north to Luleå and it is a relatively easy way to hitch-hike. At the hitch Wiki ( you'll find general tips about hitch-hiking in Sweden, and at ( you can find good places to start.


Some people are going by bicycle all the way from Göteborg to Luleå! If you want to join, the entire way or just a short bit, contact

See you in Luleå!


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