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NO to the new NATO strategy! Active for Global Peace, Disarmament and the End of NATO


Location: To Be Determined

19/11/2010 - Friday

11.00-11.15: Welcome
Vitor Lima (PAGAN) confirmed
Reiner Braun (ICC) confirmed
11.15-13.00: Lectures
1. NATO’s War in Afghanistan (Malalai Joya, Afghanistan) (TBC)
2. The New NATO Strategy and Global Crisis (Vitor Lima, PAGAN, Portugal) confirmed
3. Nuclear Weapons in the New NATO-Strategy (Joseph Gerson, AFSC, USA) confirmed
4. NATO and Latin America (Eduardo Melero, UAM, Spain) confirmed
5. Missile Defense Systems in Eastern Europe / Russia (Jana Glivicka, No Bases, CR) confirmed

14.00-16.30: Workshop Block I – Analytical Workshops
17.00-19.00: Workshop Block II – Political and Social Alternatives

21.00-23.00: Public Event: Panel Discussion
NO to War – NO to NATO

23.00 Peace Party

20/11/2010 – Saturday

International Anti-NATO Demonstration

21/11/2010 – Sunday

10.00-10.30: Introduction Lecture: Lessons Learnt
Portugal and NATO
10.30-15.00: Peace Assembly
How to continue acting for a world without war and NATO

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