Campaigns: International Day on Conscientious Objection

Every year, 15th May marks International Conscientious Objection Day (CO day) - a day to celebrate those who have - and those who continue - to resist war, especially by refusing to be part of military structures.

If you would like to take part in CO day, contact us.

WRI Statements

01 May 2003

Support to Israeli conscientious objectors is needed

War Resisters' International Executive, 23 February 2003

The Executive Committee of War Resisters' International, the 81-year-old international network of pacifist organisations with 90 affiliates in 45 countries, expressed its grave concern about the situation of conscientious objectors to military service in Israel during its Executive meeting in London this weekend.

Other posts

01 May 2001

Coalition to stop the use of child soldiers

01 May 2001

"The Angolan people want a lasting peace, social justice, good governance and the right of citizenship, and mutual respect for the diversity of people and cultures, which form the Angolan Nation project. these are the fundamental principles for the setting of a common ground among the Angolan people. In essence, these principles are the foundation for in-depth revision of the Nation's concept and valorisation of the Angolan citizenry.

As well as the consensual definition of a vision for Angola and its course towards the future.

01 May 2001

Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany - founded in November 1998, active since January 1999

The "Antimilitaristic Angolan Initiative for Human Rights" is a anti-war action group by Angolans within and outside Angola and is supported by foreign nationals sympathetic to its aims. We invite new members to join forces and become active in the group.

01 Dec 2000

Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde, liebe Unterstützerinnen und Unterstützer der War Resisters' International,

Krieg und Militarismus zu widerstehen bedeutet in vielen Ländern noch immer Arrest und Inhaftierung.

15 May 2000

May 15th has been proclaimed the international conscientious objectors` day on the ICOM (International Conscientious Objectors Meeting) in the year 1983. Yet, it was only this year that the antimilitarist network, consisting of NGO from many towns in Serbia and Montenegro, organized, let us say, a notification of this day. The action of notifying this date took part in 17 towns simultaneously. Although in most of the towns the basic action consisted of delivering leaflets and sticking posters, even such modest actions were not allowed in some places by the police.