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Support Israeli conscientious objectors

Israel: Conscientious objectors in and out of prison

While women CO Laura Milo (picture left) went to prison on 23 August for her second prison term (see co-alert from 31 August 2004), Daniel Tsal was finally released from the army after 112 days in prison. In an open letter to all supporters he writes:

"I have just been released from the IDF after 112 days in military jail.

Support Israeli Conscientious Objectors: Jonathan Ben-Artzi

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Jonathan Ben-Artzi's struggle with them military is still not over. In April 2004, the pacifist was sentenced to two month in prison, after having been exempted from military service. Jonathan Ben-Artzi appealed against the sentence, and is presently not in prison.

Jonathan Ben-Artzi, a pacifist conscientious objector, told the IDF from early on that he does not have any intention to enlist. What followed was a long prelude to the later court-martial, consisting of several hearings in front of the Conscience committee, and repeated imprisonment.

Dror Etzion

Related peace activists: 

After performing military service (for three years), Israeli men usually have to do reserve duties of 30 days once per year, according to the law up to the age of 50. The group "Courage to Refuse", which now has more than 600 members, calls for the refusal to any service in the Occupied Territories. In this case, objectors are often sentenced to two to four weeks in military prison.

Dror Etzion joined Courage to Refuse in 2003. So far, he did not spend time in prison.

5 COs jailed to deter a generation of conscripts to the Israeli Army

On 4 January, 2004 Five conscripted Conscientious Objectors were sentenced to an additional year in prison on top of the year they have been held for refusing to serve in the IDF. The sentence is, in effect, an unlimited one as the prosecution intends to jail them till they agree to serve. That's the price they will pay for refusing to be part of the brutal occupation.

The 5 COs are being punished because of their convictions - the severity of the punishment reflects the Israeli government's fear of those convictions.

Avia A'tai

Related peace activists: 

"I do not believe in brutality and use of force. I feel the Military and the Politicians have brought this war upon our heads. I will not enter the territories occupied in 1967. I don't believe in the expansion of Israel.

Also, I believe it is inappropriate to assign us, teacher-soldiers who have barely had 2 our briefings on the matter, to instruct children on how to defend themselves from artillery and gun fire. They should send experts to do that.

Mehrfachbestrafung von Kriegsdienstverweigerern in Israel angeklagt

Am 21. September, der von der Generalversammlung der Vereinten Nationen zum Internationalen Tag des Friedens erklärt worden ist[2], unterbreiten War Resisters' International (WRI) und New Profile den Fall des Kriegsdienstverweigerers Viktor Sabransky der UN-Arbeitsgruppe über willkürliche Haft; er ist fünfmal inhaftiert worden, weil er sich weigerte, der Einberufung in die israelische Armee Folge zu leisten.

Einen Refusenik adoptieren - ein Programm zur Unterstützung von Kriegsdienstverweigerern in Israel

Die israelische Refusenik-Organisation Yesh Gvul hat ein Programm mit dem Namen "Einen Refusenik adoptieren", dass darauf abzielt, Unterstützung für israelische Refuseniks und Kriegsdienstverweigerer zu organisieren.

Yesh Gvul: Einen Refusenik (Verweigerer) adoptieren

Yesh Gvul hat mit den Jahren herausgefunden, dass ein wirksamer Weg zur Unterstützung von Verweigerern im Gefängnis darin besteht, sie von Unterstützungsgruppen außerhalb Israels adoptieren zu lassen.

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