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European and US weapons in Israeli attack on Gaza Flotilla

Photo and video material from the Israeli attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla expose the use of European and US produced war material. The attack on the relief boats was executed by Israeli navy special forces Unit 13 (Shayetet 13). Several large and small navy ships, as well as helicopters, were used, armed with US and European weapons.

We don't buy Mercedes: Boycott cluster bombs!

About the campaign

Automobiles of the brand Mercedes are built by the Daimler AG. But Daimler does not only produce cars, but also weapons and other munitions. Via the EADS (European Aeronautics Defence and Space Company) and other investees Daimler is linked to the production of fightbombers and carrier systems for atomic weapons. Besides that Daimler also participate in the production of cluster bombs respectively missile carrier for cluster bombs. With 15% of the shares Daimler will be also in the future the biggest shareholder of EADS.

War Profiteer of the Month: EADS and Daimler

Mercedes/Daimler – Luxury Limousines for High Society and Military Vehicles for the Battlefields of the World

The Daimler Corporation is known throughout the world for the production of Mercedes vehicles. The Mercedes Car Group sold almost 1,3 million vehicles in 2007, from “Smart” to luxury limousines of the C, E and S class to the “Maybach” as well as more than 467 000 trucks and 328 000 vans and buses. The Daimler Corporation is one of the world’s leading car groups.

Campaign of the Month: “We don’t buy Mercedes: Boycott Cluster Bombs!”

The thorn in the flesh of the armaments giant Daimler/EADS is the organisation of Critical Shareholders and with them the activists of the DFG-VK (German Peace Society – United Conscientious Objectors). An armaments producing business which is a corporation offers an efficient basis for their peace work: according to the shareholders’ law, they have the right of speech, the right to obtain information and the right to make motions at the general assembly.

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