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Korea, North

Rumours of conscription: Bulgaria, Iraq, North Korea

There are often rumours of conscription in times of political tension, or when right-wing spokespeople raise fears of the 'indiscipline of youth'. Such rumours often circulate without impact, but sometimes they are the start of a wider campaign and eventual reintroduction of compulsory military service.

North Korea to Introduce Military Conscription for Women

North Korean women aged 17 and over will face seven years’ military conscription, starting in January. According to revised military service laws to be announced soon, military service for males will be increased from 10 years to 11 years. The state originally considered increasing the period to 13 years but, taking into account the measure’s overall failure in the mid-1990s, decided instead to conscript women. The North is struggling to keep up the numbers in its military forces, which have totalled more than 1.2 million. A shortage of males born in the mid-1990s reflects the nationwide famine during which about 330,000 children died.

Source: Korea Times US

Krank und überdrüssig des Machtkampfes zwischen Nord- und Süd-Korea – Interview mit Jungmin Choi von „Welt Ohne Krieg“

Die WRI interviewte Jungmin Choi von “Welt ohne Krieg” in Süd-Korea über die jüngste Eskalation zwischen Nord- und Süd-Korea. Jungmin sagte, dass sie nach dem Regierungswechsel sowohl in Süd- wie in Nordkorea eine neue Eskalation erwartet hatten, da beide Anführer versuchen würden, ihre Stärke in ihrem Land zu demonstrieren. Jungmin sagte uns, dass das Leben in Süd-Korea wie gewohnt verlaufe, und dass Welt ohne Krieg seine Arbeit zur Unterstützung von Kriegsdienstverweigerern fortsetze.

Korea, North

(Democratic People's Republic of Korea)

1 Conscription

conscription exists

Conscription is enshrined in art. 86 of the 1992 Constitution, which states: "National defense is a supreme duty and honour for citizens. Citizens must defend the fatherland and serve in the military as stipulated by law." According to art.

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