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WRI Statement

Discussion paper on the UN and military intervention

The question of what is called "humanitarian" military intervention -- whether through the United Nations in the name of "peace enforcement" or through other bodies in the name of stopping slaughter -- is now a central and divisive issue for peace movements. Later this year, following discussion at our Council meeting in July, War Resisters' International hopes to issue a fuller document discussing this question. At this stage, however, we want to set the scene by posing certain questions for peace campaigners.

Can pacifists do anything to stop the war in Yugoslavia?

The only telephone number I know by heart outside Yugoslavia is the War Resisters’ International office in London. This is for a very simple reason: there is always somebody there to receive and spread information, to listen and to understand, to help by giving information we need, and to talk as friends.

Our analysis, reports, warnings about the situation, and questions are always first sent to WRI. Again for a simple reason: the efficiency and the high level of ability to understand.

Statement on the 1991 Persian Gulf War

Iraq must withdraw from Kuwait. The aim of the invasion was not to free Kuwait from a corrupt feudal regime, still less to free the Palestinians. It was simply to serve Saddam Hussein's strategic interests. Any claims which Iraq has -- for instance, access to the sea -- should have been pursued by non-military means.

Nonviolence and armed struggle

War is a crime against humanity. I am therefore determined not to support any kind of war and to strive for the removal of all causes of war.

This is the founding Declaration of War Resisters' International. Since 1921 we have consistently promoted resistance to wars between imperial powers and to wars waged by colonial powers against subject peoples.

A Manifesto for Nonviolent Revolution

How can we live at home on planet Earth?

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