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Kriegsdienstverweigerung als Strategie

Es mag wohl sein, dass die Kriegsdienstverweigerung eher als ein moralisches Gebot denn als eine Strategie betrachtet wird. In Ländern, wo es noch Wehrpflicht gibt, zeigen sich unterschiedliche Vermeidungsstategien und Verzögerungstaktiken. Einige Menschen bekommen eine Entlassung aus medizinischen Gründen. Andere fliehen, emigrieren, wählen einen Beruf, der sie von der Einberufung befreit oder bestechen die Behörden.



  • The end of conscription in Macedonia also meant the end of conscientious objection. Macedonia does not recognise the right to conscientious objection for professional soldiers.

Military recruitment


Although Macedonia abolished conscription, the constitution of Macedonia still states in its Article 28: “The defence of the Republic of Macedonia is the right and duty of every citizen.

Waging wars after peace agreements on the Balkans – gender perspective

Boro Kitanoski – Peace Action, Macedonia

Proclamation to the Serbian friends

SERBIAN MAN. Your Serbian virtue must be loyalty. Be loyal in the Orthodox Church to the God of your Holy Ancestors. Be in the St. Sava’s patriotism loyal to your Fatherland. Be in household responsibility loyal to your family. Without God, without a Fatherland, without a family, You are nobody and nothing.

Macedonia: Conscription abolished

The Macedonian parliament voted in May to abolish conscription, and in fact no new recruits will be called up for military service. Macedonia's Defence Minister had already announced an end to conscription in April 2006, but the formal decision was made by parliament in May.

Macedonia: CO statistics

On 11 January 2006 War Resisters' International asked the Macedonian Ministry of Defence some questions about applications for conscientious objection in 2005. WRI did so on request of its Macedonian section Peace Action, who were unable to obtain the figures, and were told by the Ministry of Defence that they might respond to questions from an international/foreign NGO. Peace Action drafted the fax in Macedonian, and this was put on WRI stationary, signed and faxed to the Ministry of Defence from London.

Report on the International Seminar Conscientious Objection and Peace

Organized by War Resisters' International and Peace Action

20-23 June 2004, Boy Scouts' camp, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia

The Boy Scouts' camp was the place on which 60 peace activists from all around the world gathered on the seminar on subject Conscientious objection and peace. From 20 – 23 June the seminar was held, and the next two days were days for War Resisters International Council meeting.

Conscientious Objection and Peace

International Seminar in Macedonia, June 2004


War Resisters' International, the international network of pacifist organisations founded in 1921, and its Macedonian affiliate Peace Action are planning an international seminar on conscientious objection and peace in Ohrid, Macedonia in June 2004.

Practical details for Ohrid and Macedonia


The Macedonian Denar (MKD) is the local currency, and comes in denominations of 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, and 5000 and there are also coins of one, two, and five denar. Though it is stable, the den ar is basically nonconvertible outside Macedonia - make sure to change back your left over denars at departure. At present, 1 Euro buys you some 61 MKD; 1 GBP should therefore buy you roughly 90 MKD. The most useful foreign currency to have in Macedonia is the Euro, which is widely accepted (however, coins are hard to be accepted).

Jugoslawien: neues Gesetz, aber nichts neues

Related peace activists: 

Kriegsdienstverweigerung in Jugoslawien (Serbien und Montenegro)

# Igor Seke

Jugoslawien hat im Januar 2002 ein neues Militärgesetz verabschiedet, aber auch dieses Gesetz beinhaltet keine Regelung zur Kriegsdienstverweigerung. Kriegs-dienstverweigerer können nur einen Dienst ohne Waffen innerhalb der jugoslawischen Armee ableisten - was offensichtlich keine befriedigende Situation darstellt.

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