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FriedensaktivistInnen stoppen die Waffenlobby: „Kein EU-Geld für Waffenhändler“

Die WRI-Sektionen Vredesactie und Agir pour la Paix begrüßten im November AktivistInnen aus ganz Europa bei einer Blockade der jährlichen Konferenz der European Defence Agency in Brüssel. Dort trafen sich WaffenhändlerInnen mit PolitikgestalterInnen, um für finanzielle Unterstützung zu werben und die EU weiter in Richtung Militarisierung zu schubsen. Mit Schlössern, Menschenketten, Bändern und Bannern, um die WaffenhändlerInnen daran zu hindern, den Konferenzort zu erreichen, gelang es den ProtestiererInnen, die Konferenz erheblich zu stören und öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit auf dieses besorgniserregende Thema zu richten.

Hier geht es zu Fotos von der Aktion.

Welcome to four new WRI affiliates!

International Day of Nonviolence in South Sudan. Photo: ONADInternational Day of Nonviolence in South Sudan. Photo: ONADAt our eCouncil meeting this month, we were really glad to welcome four new organisations as Associate Organisations of War Resisters' International. They are:

Campaign Against Arms Trade (Britain), working to end the international arms trade and to promote progressive demilitarisation in arms-producing countries.

NESEHNUTÍ (Czech Republic): a social and ecological non-governmental organization, that works principally on the basis that ecological and social problems have shared causes and consequences which must be resolved. All our activities aim to show that social change based on respect for people, animals and nature is possible, and, most importantly must be led from below. Therefore, we support people who are interested and engaged in what is happening around them and who consider responsibility for life on our planet as an integral part of their own freedom. We work independently of party and economic interests, using strictly non-violent means.

Şiddetsizlik egitim ve arastirma dernegi (Nonviolence Education and Research Centre, Turkey): 'To achieve our dream of a nonviolent world we organize trainings, produce knowledge and share our resources. In doing so, our methods are non-hierarchical, participatory and based on solidarity and consensus. In this context, we aim to develop creative nonviolent campaigning tools and policy-making instruments, to share these instruments and to empower everyone struggling for a nonviolent world. Because we believe that a world without discrimination and oppression, where social justice exists and conflicts are solved in nonviolent ways, is possible.

VD AMOK (the Netherlands) -  a Dutch anti-militarist and conscientious objectors organization, non-governmental and non-profit, that works closely together with peace movements and peace organizations to create a peaceful, fair and stable world.

Three organisations already affiliated to WRI as Associate Organisations were also admitted as Sections of WRI. They are Alternatives to Violence Project, Nigeria; the Organization for Nonviolence and Development (South Sudan) and Žene u crnom (Women in Black Serbia).

We look forward to working more with all of these organisations towards a world without war!

#COday 2016: actions around the world to celebrate conscientious objection to militarism

Photo: Ruth Davey/www.look-again.orgPhoto: Ruth Davey/

I spent the weekend in the good company of the European Bureau for Conscientious Objection (EBCO), a European umbrella organisation campaigning for the rights of conscientious objectors. In their 30+ year history, EBCO have never before met in Britain. They chose to on this occasion at the invitation of the First World War Peace Forum, a group of British peace groups working to give an alternative, antimiltiarist view of the centenary memorials to the first World War, which in Britain have been an excuse for nationalism and militarism.

Call for Support: Repressive Response against MOC Activists for Blockading Tank Transport during NATO Exercise


The group of antimilitarists that paralyzed the transport of armoured vehicles to the NATO “Trident Juncture“ manoeuvres last October face accusations of “serious disobedience”, “breach of the peace”, and fines for “intrusion". 

Four new affiliates for WRI

National Land Rights Forum, NepalNational Land Rights Forum, Nepal

At the WRI Council meeting in Seoul, Korea, the WRI Council was delighted to admit four new associated organisation as members of War Resisters' International:

The Antimilitarist Kollective of Medellín, Colombia: an affinity group that promotes antimilitarism and conscientious objection to war as a way of life and as a way to fight for political and social advocacy. We fight for the transformation towards a more just, inclusive, equitable and humane society which promotes autonomy, self-determination and the freedom of people.

The Centre for Peace Studies, Zagreb, Croatia, is a non-profit citizens’ association whose mission is promoting non-violence, human rights and social change through education, research, public policies and activism. CPS grew out of various direct forms of peace-building activities in the region of western Slavonia during the 1990s war in Croatia (community projects such as The Volunteer Project Pakrac and The Croatian Anti-War Campaign - ARK). It was established in 1997, formally in 1999.

The Community Self Reliance Center, Nepal whose vision is to see a Nepali society where everyone enjoys a secure, free and dignified life. Their mission is to empower land-poor women and men enabling them to claim and exercise their basic rights, including right to land resources, contributing to eradicating poverty and injustice.

The National Land Rights Forum (NLRF), Nepal whose vision is to see a self-reliant farmer community in Nepal, and whose mission is to empower the land-poor people by organizing and conscientizing them to enable to launch struggle against discriminations and claim their farmers’ rights.

We welcome all of them and look forward to working together.

#TridentRupture: Antimilitarists obstruct in the port of Sagunto, Spain, a convoy headed to the NATO war exercise “Trident Juncture”, blocking two Leopard battle tanks

Last Friday, a group of Antimilitaristes-moc activists disrupted the organization of the departure of a military convoy from the port of Sagunto, due to be deployed in war maneuvers in the next few days by army units of more than 30 countries as part of NATO exercise “Trident Juncture 2015”

Statement from the Latin American and Caribbean Anti-Militarist Network (RAMALC), in solidarity with the Ayotzinapa victims and all the disappeared in Mexico

Members of the RAMALC in solidarity with the victims of AyotzinapaMembers of the RAMALC in solidarity with the victims of AyotzinapaThe Latin American and Caribbean Anti-Militarist Network (RAMALC), in the city of Mexico on September 23, 2015, with representatives from Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Paraguay Brazil, Bolivia, Serbian anti-militarists and United States, together with their peers from Mexico, would like to express our solidarity with the mothers, fathers and relatives of the 43 student teachers of the Ayotzinapa Rural

Spanien als Speerspitze für Militärinterventionen in Afrika

Während des NATO-Manövers Trident Juncture 2015 wird die Allianz Militärinterventionen im Norden Afrikas üben

US-Marines trainieren in der Sierra del Retin, BarbateUS-Marines trainieren in der Sierra del Retin, BarbateDie NATO-Übung Trident Juncture 2015 wird im Oktober und Anfang November 2015 in Italien, Portugal und dem spanischen Staat stattfinden. Nach verschiedenen Quellen handelt es sich dabei um “die größte Übung der NATO seit Ende des Kalten Krieges1, “die größte von der Allianz seit 2002 durchgeführte Übung” (…) und “die wichtigste Übung der Allianz in 20152, oder um “den größten Einsatz der Allianz seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt”3. Die Übung besteht aus zwei klar unterschiedenen Phasen, einer Kommando-Übung (Command Post Exercise – CPX, 3.-16. Oktober) und einer realen Aktionsphase (Live Exercise, LIVEX, 21. Oktober-6. November).

Solidarität mit dem ägyptischen Kriegsdienstverweigerer Mark Nabil Sanad

Related peace activists: 

Mark Nabil SanadMark Nabil Sanad

Internationale Erklärung

Wir, Friedens- und Menschenrechtsorganisationen, erklären hiermit unsere Unterstützung und Solidarität mit der Bewegung Nein zum Kriegsdienstzwang und dem ägyptischen Kriegsdienstverweigerer Mark Nabil Sanad. Wir verurteilen das Schweigen der ägyptischen Behörden zum Leiden der Kriegsdienstverweigerer. Wir rufen die ägyptischen Behörden auf, Marks Bürgerrechte wiederherzustellen und das Recht auf Befreiung vom Militärdienst aufgrund seiner Überzeugungen als Kriegsdienstverweigerer anzuerkennen.

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