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War Stops Here: support international resistance at the London arms fair

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In September 2017, thousands of arms dealers will descend on London to market their wares to militaries from across the globe. Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) - is one of the biggest arms fairs in the world, and it takes place in east London every two years, exporting death and destruction around the world.

We are the international resistance to DSEI, and we need your help.

Vier neue WRI-Mitglieder!

International Day of Nonviolence in South Sudan. Photo: ONADInternational Day of Nonviolence in South Sudan. Photo: ONADAuf unserem elektronischen Ratstreffen im Oktober haben wir uns gefreut, vier neue Organisationen als assoziierte Mitglieder der WRI begrüßen zu können. Es sind: Campaign Against Arms Trade (Vereinigtes Königreich), NESEHNUTÍ (Tschechien), Şiddetsizlik egitim ve arastirma dernegi (Zentrum für Bildung und Forschung zu Gewaltfreiheit, Türkei) und VD AMOK (Niederlande). Außerdem wurden drei Organisationen, die bereits assoziierte Mitglieder waren, zu Sektionen der WRI hochgestuft: Das Alternatives to Violence Project (Nigeria), die Organization for Nonviolence and Development (Süd-Sudan) and Žene u crnom (Frauen in Schwarz, Serbien).

Foto: Internationaler Tag der Gewaltfreiheit in Süd-Sudan. Foto: ONAD

Mehr Informationen (auf Englisch)...

eCouncil, Oktober 2016

Jedes Jahr hält die WRI ein Ratstreffen ab. Manchmal ist es ein reales Treffen, aber dieses Jahr wird es über zwei Wochen in Form von Internetforen, Telefonkonferenzen und Webinaren stattfinden. Neben den eher formalen Entscheidungen, die in der WRI getroffen werden müssen, ist das Ratstreffen Gelegenheit, Politik, Kampagnen und Themen zu diskutieren, die uns wichtig sind. 2014 hatten wir eine Reihe von Diskussionen als Telefonkonferenzen und Webinars (Seminare im Internet) über verschiedene Themen. Für dieses Jahr laden wir ein, Ideen für gleichartige Diskussionen einzubringen. Mailt uns an mit dem Thema „eCouncil Planning“, falls Ihr Lust habt, etwas beizutragen.

Video: Sister Megan Rice talk in London

In 2012, Megan Rice was part of a group that entered the Oakridge National Laborotory in the United States, where nuclear weapons are developed and weapons-grade uranium is stored. The group - called 'Transform Now Plowshares' - hammered on the storage building, dawbed the walls of the storage building with blood and slogans, and hung banners. All three were arrested, and spent two years in prison. A detailed written overview of the action can be found here.

No to Equality in Militarism!

Statement of the feminist collective TO MOV (Greece) co-signed by the Association of Greek Conscientious Objectors

At a time when the democratic demand is the abolition of compulsory military service, the ministry of Defense, on the contrary, seems to wish the extension of this service to women.

According to publications, a new bill is prepared for the foundation of military secondary schools (lycea) in which all those planning to follow military or police professions will enrol, and also the women enrolling such lycea will have to subsequently perform “voluntary” military service, in order to be eligible for exams in the respective academies. We are faced with a proposal for radical and reactionary reform of the education system in the second grade, which must not pass. What does the Minister of Education say? Does the Minister of Defense decide alone for his own ministry? On what right?

Fundraising-Brief: Internationale Solidarität innerhalb der WRI war entscheidend für die Arbeit der Gruppe „Welt ohne Krieg“

Foto: AktivistInnen aus dem Netzwerk der WRI machen eine Aktion gegen die ADEX Waffenmesse in Seoul im Oktober 2015.Foto: AktivistInnen aus dem Netzwerk der WRI machen eine Aktion gegen die ADEX Waffenmesse in Seoul im Oktober 2015.

In diesem Brief beschreibt Lee Yongsuk, wie wichtig die Teilnahme an dem WRI-Netzwerk für die südkoreanische Gruppe Welt ohne Krieg war. Er bittet Euch, die WRI mit einer Spende zu unterstützen, falls Ihr könnt.

Hier geht es zu dem Brief …

Four new affiliates for WRI

National Land Rights Forum, NepalNational Land Rights Forum, Nepal

At the WRI Council meeting in Seoul, Korea, the WRI Council was delighted to admit four new associated organisation as members of War Resisters' International:

The Antimilitarist Kollective of Medellín, Colombia: an affinity group that promotes antimilitarism and conscientious objection to war as a way of life and as a way to fight for political and social advocacy. We fight for the transformation towards a more just, inclusive, equitable and humane society which promotes autonomy, self-determination and the freedom of people.

The Centre for Peace Studies, Zagreb, Croatia, is a non-profit citizens’ association whose mission is promoting non-violence, human rights and social change through education, research, public policies and activism. CPS grew out of various direct forms of peace-building activities in the region of western Slavonia during the 1990s war in Croatia (community projects such as The Volunteer Project Pakrac and The Croatian Anti-War Campaign - ARK). It was established in 1997, formally in 1999.

The Community Self Reliance Center, Nepal whose vision is to see a Nepali society where everyone enjoys a secure, free and dignified life. Their mission is to empower land-poor women and men enabling them to claim and exercise their basic rights, including right to land resources, contributing to eradicating poverty and injustice.

The National Land Rights Forum (NLRF), Nepal whose vision is to see a self-reliant farmer community in Nepal, and whose mission is to empower the land-poor people by organizing and conscientizing them to enable to launch struggle against discriminations and claim their farmers’ rights.

We welcome all of them and look forward to working together.

Statement from the Latin American and Caribbean Anti-Militarist Network (RAMALC), in solidarity with the Ayotzinapa victims and all the disappeared in Mexico

Members of the RAMALC in solidarity with the victims of AyotzinapaMembers of the RAMALC in solidarity with the victims of AyotzinapaThe Latin American and Caribbean Anti-Militarist Network (RAMALC), in the city of Mexico on September 23, 2015, with representatives from Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Paraguay Brazil, Bolivia, Serbian anti-militarists and United States, together with their peers from Mexico, would like to express our solidarity with the mothers, fathers and relatives of the 43 student teachers of the Ayotzinapa Rural

Call to Action Against the NATO exercise "Trident Juncture 2015"

The NATO exercise Trident Juncture will take place during October 2015 until 6 November, principally in Italy, Portugal, and the State of Spain. With the participation of more than 36,000 soldiers from 30 countries, the exercise will be “the Alliance’s most important exercise in 2015” and “the largest deployment of the Alliance since the Cold War and in the last decade”, according to the Spanish Ministry of Defence. More than half of this military force, 20,000 soldiers, will be deployed at eight sites in the State of Spain: the National Training Centres of San Gregorio (Zaragoza) and Chinchilla (Albacete), the Exercise and Firing Range ‘Álvarez de Sotomayor’ (Almería) and the Amphibian Training Range of the Sierra del Retín (Cádiz), and as well in the areas of the military bases of Albacete, Son San Joan (Palma de Mallorca), Torrejón and Zaragoza. Additionally, the US marines from the base of Morón de la Frontera will participate in the "mega exercise".

Solidarity with those killed in Suruç

Related peace activists: 

Alper SapanAlper SapanYesterday's attack against civilians in the southern Turkish town of Suruç killed dozens of people. Conscientious objectors Alper Sapan and Polen Ünlü  were amongst those killed. In solidarity and respect, we share news from WRI member Merve Arkun:

Two of our CO friends were murdered by a suicide bomb attack that has happened in Pirsus (Suruç, Urfa, Turkey), today.

More than 31 Polen ÜnlüPolen Ünlüpeople travelling to Kobanê to support resistance against ISIS have died. At least 100 were heavily wounded.

Here is his Alper Sapan's CO declaration:
I am Alper Sapan. I am an anarchist who 19 years old. I am against the injustice, exploitation and oppression of the state. I am rejecting violence and the state. I am listening to the voice of my conscience and objecting the military system for a world that no borders, no wars and no nations. I will not die, I will not kill for anybody and will not be anybody's soldier.

Before militarism ends our lives let's end militarism.

Information about Polen Ünlü is still being translated into English. You can find information in Turkish here.

via Vicdani Ret Derneği (Conscientious Objection Association)

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