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War profiteers have been highly present in the mainstream media in recent weeks, mainly because of Blackwater and their crimes in Iraq. It is a challenge for our movement to develop effective campaigns against these private military contractors. We know that these private militaries are even more dangerous because of the lack of regulations. WRI thanks Karolina our intern for a few weeks who researched mercenaries and private military contractors and their legal regulations, which can be found on the Wiki.
Clearly we need to stay very alert about what these companies are doing and continue to denounce and confront them in every sphere where they are present, and to be clear that we are for abolishing mercenaries and private military contractors, not only regulating them.

During the last month we were also very grateful to have Sebastian Lahner working as an intern with us. He did some work also on our Wiki web page. Compiling resources about companies and campaigns against them.

What is WRI's Wiki? A Wiki is a web based collaboration tool - many might have heard of Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. On a Wiki, everyone can edit a text, add a new text, and so WRI activists can together create a useful resource on the web. So the idea is if you have any info about companies, or campaigns to add them to this page and this way we can together create resource against war profiteers.

Javier Gárate