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War Profiteers: news and updates June and July 2015

A summary of news and updates about war profiteers and the arms trade, from international media outlets and industry newsletters.

South East Asia, The global arms market and commoditization, The Diplomat, June 2015,

India, Indian Army scraps the world's largest assault rifle tender, The Daily Mail, June 2015,

UK, Israel, Britain still arming Israel despi te fear weapons will be used against Gaza, The Independent,

Indonesia, Saab signs collaborative deal with Indonesia's defence university, June 2015,

Kuwait, Rheinmetall to supply Kuwait with armored NBC recon vehicles, July 2015,

Georgia, France, Georgia to Buy Advanced Air Defense Missiles From France, June 2015,

South Africa, New arms deal allegations surface, June 2015

France, France fills the American arms void, June 2015,

Germany, Netherlands, Sudan, Germany restricts Dutch export after providing army trucks to Sudan, June 2015,

Europe, Europe defence market shrinks, June 2015,

UK, UK guaranteed over £130m in loans for repressive governments to spend on arms, figures show, June 2015,

UK, Iraq Foreign Office 'did not stop Iraq making chemical weapons', July 2015,

Germany, Germany's Heckler and Koch goes to court over alleged gun faults, July 2015,

Turkey, Post-election turmoil delaying defense programs, July 2015,