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Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns - second edition launched in Housmans, 25 October 2014

Photos from the launch of the second edition of the Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns, in Housmans Bookshop, 25 October 2014.

Our speakers were:

  • Jungmin Choi of World Against War in South Korea, involved in the movement against the construction of a naval base on Jeju Island
  • Cattis Laska of Ofog, a Swedish antimilitarist network in Sweden involved in queer and antimilitarist actions
  • Christine Schweitzer: Chair of WRI
  • Selam Kidane, Eritrean Diaspora organiser, and of the Stop Slavery in Eritrea campaign
  • Andrew Dey: Handbook editing coordinator involved in Action AWE, campaign against the renewal of Trident.

You can purchase the Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns here, and read it online here.