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Turkey: We have lost Tayfun G?n?l well-known anarchist, and the first conscientious objector

Yesterday (30.07.2012) we have lost Tayfun G?n?l (age 54) who was the first conscientious objector and among the well-known anarchists in Turkey. ---- He was suffering from health problems related with his heart and spent a long time in hospital for the last six months. His funeral will probably be held tomorrow (01.08.2012) in Istanbul where he had died. --- In 1989 he had declared his conscientious objection in Sokak periodical.

Starting from 1990's he initiated and contributed many anarchist periodicals such as Apolitika, Efendisizler etc. Lately, he was among of the founders of Anarsist Paper. He has a booklet "What is Anarchism?" and a book titled "Emergence from Rule to Chaos" including his interviews with Gediz Akdeniz. About 10 years ago, he was regarded as the leader of anarchists in Turkey in the police records. Related with that, in 2002, he had gone to the court of imprisoned Usak anarchists to tell that anarchism is not terrorism (and also cannot have a leader) which helped to free Usak anarchists.