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Antimilitarist protest against arms fair in Alicante

From 29 to 31 May the UDT (Undersea Defence Technology Europe) arms fair took place in Alicante, State of Spain. This is one of the most important fairs of the military industry, focusing - as the name says - on wars in the sea.

Some of the biggest arms producers were present at this fair, including: Lockheed Martin - the world's top military producer - and the Spanish companies Idra and Navantia. Also present at the fair were top ranking military officers, so in short, a collection of people who profit from the death of others. Local antimilitarists could not let this happen without protest.

Using the opening of the event as an opportunity, with the many military officers who attended it, the antimilitarists displayed banners saying: "No Army Defends Peace!" and "NO Armies!". Immediately after displaying the banners, activists performed a die-in, to represent all the people who died because of this deadly industry.

There were no incidents during the action, just some angry reactions from security personnel, but without major problems.

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