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NATO abschaffen - Eine WRI-Kampagne gegen die NATO

NATO auflösen: eine Allianz für Krieg

Die NATO wurde vorgeblich gegründet, um den „freien“ Westen gegen sowjetische Expansionsbestrebungen zu verteidigen. Warum dann hat sich die NATO nicht aufgelöst, als die Sowjetunion zerfiel und der Warschauer Pakt sich auflöste? Die Erklärung ist einfach: weil sie das wichtigste Instrument zur Koordination westlicher Militärstrategie geworden war. Was folgt ist ein Aufruf an FriedensaktivistInnen, damit wir uns selbst dazu verpflichten, der Forderung zur Auflösung der NATO Gewicht zu verschaffen.

NATO abschaffen

30 Mär 2016


The group of antimilitarists that paralyzed the transport of armoured vehicles to the NATO “Trident Juncture“ manoeuvres last October face accusations of “serious disobedience”, “breach of the peace”, and fines for “intrusion". 

05 Okt 2015

During the NATO exercise Trident Juncture 2015 the alliance will practice military interventions in North Africa

Marines from the US train in la Sierra del Retin, BarbateMarines from the US train in la Sierra del Retin, BarbateThe NATO exercise Trident Juncture 2015 will take place during October 2015 and until early November in Italy, Portugal, and the State of Spain. According to a variety of sources, this will be the “largest exercise of NATO since the end of the Cold War1, “largest exercise conducted by the Alliance since 2002” (…) and “the Alliance’s most important exercise in 20152, or “the largest deployment of the Alliance in the last decade3. The exercise consists of two clearly distinguished phases, a command post exercise (CPX, 3-16 October) and a phase of real action (Live Exercise, LIVEX, 21 October-6 November).

21 Aug 2015

Während des NATO-Manövers Trident Juncture 2015 wird die Allianz Militärinterventionen im Norden Afrikas üben

US-Marines trainieren in der Sierra del Retin, BarbateUS-Marines trainieren in der Sierra del Retin, BarbateDie NATO-Übung Trident Juncture 2015 wird im Oktober und Anfang November 2015 in Italien, Portugal und dem spanischen Staat stattfinden. Nach verschiedenen Quellen handelt es sich dabei um “die größte Übung der NATO seit Ende des Kalten Krieges1, “die größte von der Allianz seit 2002 durchgeführte Übung” (…) und “die wichtigste Übung der Allianz in 20152, oder um “den größten Einsatz der Allianz seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt”3. Die Übung besteht aus zwei klar unterschiedenen Phasen, einer Kommando-Übung (Command Post Exercise – CPX, 3.-16. Oktober) und einer realen Aktionsphase (Live Exercise, LIVEX, 21. Oktober-6. November).

30 Sep 2014

Con este acto de denuncia, y portando pancartas con los lemas “La Guerra empieza aquí. ¡¡PARÉMOSLA” y “ROTA Alguién te USA”, miembros de la Red Antimilitarista y Noviolenta de Andalucía (R.A.N.A.) denuncian el papel clave de la base militar de Rota (Cádiz) – tanto la parte estadounidense como la parte española – en la estrategia intervencionista militar de la Unión Europea, de la OTAN y de los EE.UU.

04 Sep 2014

Position paper originating at the women’s workshop at the Counter Summit “No new Wars - No to NATO”

Newport, 1 September, 2014

As women of the No to War, No to NATO international action network we join in wholehearted condemnation of NATO as an aggressive, expansionist, nuclear armed military alliance. Its creation fostered decades of Cold War, its continued existence has perpetuated armed conflicts and wars, and its intention is clearly to assure long-term worldwide control by the USA and its allies in the interests of global corporate capital.

16 Okt 2012

October 15, 2012 - Press release

As of 7:30 AM peace activists are using non-violent means to try and stop the departure of F16 airplanes from the base in Kleine Brogel. Starting today, Belgian pilots are training for the deployment of nuclear weapons together with their NATO-partners. Small groups of activists are going onto the runway to stop the taking off of the F-16s. Meanwhile, the main gate of the base is being blocked. In this way, Vredesactie and Action pour la Paix hope to prevent the preparation for war crimes.

10 Sep 2012

Andrea Pettersson & Anna Sanne Göransson

We were sent to represent the European NVDA network at the Counter-Summit for Peace and Economic Justice in Chicago, which ran in parallel with NATO’s 2012 summit. We went to the Counter-Summit to network, build relations and strengthen the movement on both sides of the ocean by making contacts and sharing experiences. We gave a workshop on our NVDA-actions against NATO in Europe and talked about the European Antimilitaristic Network (EAN). We were honored and happy to do so and hope that hearing about our experiences is useful for you all.

12 Apr 2012

Dear WRI Allies and Friends:

Greetings from New York City!

Want to meet up with other International activists taking on the world's alleged Super Powers?

Ready to teach, train, march, and resist more war and militarism?

Want to see communities organize for action in the United States?


Then please join the War Resisters League (WRL) in Chicago from May 12 through May 20, 2012 to let NATO know that the people of the world will not be silent.

03 Apr 2012

1 April 2012. Around 2am 800 peace activists from more than ten European countries gathered near NATO headquarters in Evere, Brussels. 500 people tried nonviolently to enter the NATO compound.About 20 activists succeeded to enter the military site, 483 people were arrested. At the main entrance of the NATO headquarters 300 supporters cheered the intervention teams.

19 Dez 2011

NATO, the world's biggest war machine, has evolved from a defensive to an aggresive alliance.

NATO adds fuel to the fire. Under the pretext of 'Responsibility to Protect', NATO attacks Libya to force a profitable regime change. This intervention escalates the conflict and causes thousands of casualties. The arms industry applauds. NATO's intervention in Afghanistan leaves the country in tatters and on the brink of a civil war. Thousands have been killed. After a long-drawn-out war, the alliance reduces troop levels but plans for continued military presence, although military leaders admit that they have reached no tangible results so far.