Conscientious objector speaks of youth militarisation in Thailand

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Conscientious objector in Thailand Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal recently did an interview for Green Left Weekly.

In it he talked about youth militarisation in Thailand: 'Schools want students to obey like soldiers,” he said. “They want us to get a fear of the military. So when coups happen, there is little resistance and most are OK with it...Military rule has dominated Thai society, not only now but also for a long time,” Netiwit's declaration read. “They controlled text books to promote nationalism and respect of the army. We know they want to make Thailand a military state.'

There is also a nice story of resistance in there. As well as Netiwit, the author met a group of high school students (who have already completed three years Territorial Defence Training, or locally known as “Ror Dor”, for three years during high school): 'The teens showed me A4 sized posters on which they wrote: “Thai men are not slaves of the military”.'

Read the interview here.

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