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Rapport de pays: Switzerland


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04 mai 2011

New regulations make conscientious objection more difficult and less attractive

03 sept. 2010

Conscription: not fit for serviceConscription: not fit for serviceWar Resisters' International's Swiss section GSoA (Group for a Switzerland without Army) has launched a new campaign for a referendum to abolish conscription in Switzerland. The campaign is aimed at changing article 59 of the Swiss constitution, which is the legal basis for conscription in the country. According to the present version of paragraph 1 of the article, "Every Swiss man is required to do military service.

19 août 2009

19 August 2009

01 juill. 2009

Substitute service still 1.5 times longer than military service

On 1 April 2009, Switzerland finally abolished the examination of the conscience of applicants for conscientious objection. Before 1 April 2009, a personal interview took place with a commission. Its members were civilians who had been selected and appointed by the Ministry. If the application is rejected, there is a right of appeal to the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Those who applied before 1 April 2009, but have not been recognised by 31 March 2009, will be recognised without personal interview.

20 déc. 2008

Submission to the 95th Session of the Human Rights Committee: March 2009


CPTI wishes to draw three concerns to the attention of the Committee.

The first is that the Law on Civilian Service, while excellent in some respects, does not grant automatic recognition to those who declare a conscientious objection to military but requires them to convince a commission regarding the nature of their objections before permitting them to opt for civilian rather than military service, and sets a duration for civilian service which appears to be discriminat