Estonia to Hire 145 New Military in 2010

Estonian Free Press, 8 February 2010

Estonian Defence Minister Jaak Aaviksoo and Defence Forces commander-in-chief Ants Laaneots finally approved the recruitment plans for 2010 which establishes the hiring of 145 new professional military.

This amount shows an increase if compared to the 92 professional military hired in 2009.

The military Defence development plan for the years 2009-2018, approved in 2009 by Estonian government, establishes that the number of professional military should grow each year by around 125 units until reaching the final number of 4000 military.

Even though the situation is not so favorable for the bigger planned arms and supplies procurements that have been delayed because of the economic downturn, Mr. Aaviksoo said that the time is good to hire new military to have manpower who would use the new arms systems once the economic crisis will be over.

At the moment there are 3000 professional military and 2500 conscripts in the Estonian Defence Forces in peacetime but the scheduled size of the Defence Forces is 25,000 by 2018, plus the voluntary Defence League units, LETA reported.