Bite the Bullet: War-profiteering Education & Action Network

We invite you to help launch Bite the Bullet: War-Profiteering Education & Action – an emerging network in the USA of organizations committed to dismantling the war economy and replacing it with one that prioritizes people over profit.

Why Bite the Bullet? Why Now?

As you well know, nearly every industry in today's economy is connected to the "military industrial complex."

  • Corporations such as Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Boeing, and Northrop derive up to 50% of their annual profits from military-related production.
  • Military service providers such as Halliburton and its subsidiaries receive billion-dollar contracts to support military operations around the world, unfortunately making war a profitable enterprise.
  • Universities and other non-profit security "think thanks" receive large government grants and corporate funding for military research and development.
  • At least 181 private military and security companies are presently operating in Iraq.

Yet while opposition to the war in Iraq (and increasingly, to Afghanistan) has finally made its way to Capitol Hill, debate over current troop levels and occupation timelines fails to address the larger problem of a war economy that pushes the US toward war.


We seek to motivate and empower a broad-based movement to educate, agitate and organize against the military industrial complex through creative, nonviolent and democratic means. To that end, we support efforts that:

  • Educate others about war profiteers and the military-industrial complex
  • Grassroots campaigns that pressure universities to divest all monies for military-related research or production.
  • Partner with communities most impacted by militarism to convert their economies to those that promote peace.

We Need Your Help! Plug into the Network…and the Network into your work!