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United Kingdom

BRITAIN: Conscientious objector Michael Lyons sentenced to 7 months' detention

  • Grande Bretagne

A military court in Portsmouth sentenced British conscientious objector Michael Lyons to seven months' detention today, following a two-day trial.

Michael Lyons joined the Royal Navy as a medic in 2005, and in May 2010 he was notified that he would be deployed to Afghanistan later that year. Soon after, he applied for discharge as a conscientious objector, as he had developed a conscientious objection to participating in the war in Afghanistan in particular, and against war in general.

Sentencing of conscientious objector Michael Lyons

  • Grande Bretagne
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  • 30 Sep 2011
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Sentencing of conscientious objector Michael Lyons

Dear Liam Fox,

I have been informed of the sentencing of Michael Lyons to seven months' detention for "disobeying a lawful order" by the Military Court in Portsmouth on 5 July 2011. I am very concerned about this sentence.

Conscientious objection for the unemployed

WRI's British section, the Peace Pledge Union, reported in the latest issue of its magazine Peace Matters on the case of an unemployed who was forced by the Job Centre to take a job at the Military Preparation College in Bangor outside of which he organised a (unconnected) protest a few weeks before. The job is to get young people of 14-19 to join the military.

Plymouth Royal Navy medic refused to deploy to Afghanistan

Saturday, April 02, 2011, 07:00

A ROYAL NAVY medic appeared before a court martial yesterday on a charge of wilful disobedience after he refused on "moral grounds" to deploy to Afghanistan.

Leading Medical Assistant Michael Lyons, of Plymouth, refused to carry out rifle training ahead of deployment, stating that he was a conscientious objector.

“It’s just the way things are” - The story of an action against DSEI by Chris Cole

In 2009 the Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition was due to hold its bi-annual arms selling jamboree in East London, opening with a conference at the Queen Elizabeth Conference centre in central London.

Campaign of the Month: This is NOT OK (Campaign Against Arms Trade UK)

In the UK, the arms trade is in the spotlight. As revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East challenge authoritarian regimes, they also challenge the UK government's approach to arms sales.

Europe's oldest embargo - arms sales to superpower China

Frank Slijper

After the bloody suppression of protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square in 1989, the European Union (and the US) ordered an arms embargo that applies until today. From a human rights perspective this is fully justified: the situation remains appalling and attempts at democratic reforms are nipped in the bud. At the same time the embargo is also clearly politically motivated, to keep China as small as possible in military terms. While the economic relationship with China has grown, military co-operation rightly remains a thorny issue. Despite cracks in the embargo it won't be off the table any time soon. Yet it is a question how long the blockade will be maintained with China strengthening its power base.

HMP and YOI New Hall

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