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arms trade

Asie du Nord-Est géopolitique, course aux armements et au milieu la base navale de Jeju

Wook-sik Cheong

Comment définir en géopolitique l’Asie du Nord-Est ? En géographie, elle inclut les Corée du Nord et du Sud, le Japon, toute la Chine et une partie du territoire russe. L’État de fait de Taïwan occupe une importante place stratégique dans cette zone. Les États-Unis, bien que non localisés dans la région, ne peuvent pas en être exclus à cause de leur grande influence et de leur statut du plus puissant acteur géopolitique.

Une campagne internationale arrête l’exportation d’armements par la Corée du Sud

Emily Masters, article originel publié dans 'Peace News'

Après une campagne de quatre mois, la campagne internationale ‘ Arrêtez l’Expédition’ a réussi à arrêter l’expédition de plus d’un million de bombes lacrymogènes destinées au Bahrein le 8 janvier.

Éditorial: Mettre fin au commerce des armes

La guerre est profondément ancrée, et elle laisse derrière elle des vestiges indélébiles. Bien des années avant les photos à sensation de bombes qui chutent, ou de blindés qui circulent, la violence est provoquée, entretenue et elle est source de profit. De même, elle perdure bien après que les photographes ont remballé leur matériel et sont rentrés chez elles ou chez eux. En novembre dernier, des attentats atroces eurent lieu à Paris.

Stopping the War Business: report


The Stopping the War Business seminar was held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on 16 and 17 October, 2015. It was co­hosted by World Without War and War Resisters' International. The seminar provided space for learning about effective tactics used to challenge war profiteers around the world, and forged relationships between campaigners that will inform and enable new campaigns from here onwards. Activists from 21 different countries took part, with 70 participants in total (30 internationals, and 40 Koreans).

Quote from the evaluation: 'I came back with a big bag of knowledge and experiences from different regions that I would very much like to spread the information in my country'

After the seminar, a nonviolence training and then action against the ADEX arms fair took place. The seminar and the actions were deliberately linked, in order to support local activists in their struggle against a local example of war profiteering, and to put the learnings and relationships built up during the seminar into action.

Amnesty International: Taking Stock: the arming of Islamic State

Amnesty International press release, sourced from here.

Decades of poorly regulated arms flows into Iraq as well lax controls on the ground have provided the armed group calling itself Islamic State (IS) with a large and lethal arsenal that is being used to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity on a massive scale in Iraq and Syria, Amnesty International has said in a new report.  

Research, funding and the arms trade

A PhD student studying applied matematics at a university in Britain reflects on the links between academia and the arms trade.

When I started my PhD in applied mathematics around one third of my proposed funding plan was to come from BAE systems. Knowing very little about BAE and the arms trade in general I did some research, and was horrified at what I found. It soon became clear that there was no way I wanted their money or any involvement with them, which fortunately did not involve me dropping out of my PhD, just taking a funding cut. This move was a knee-jerk reaction; one which I have been trying to justify ever since. I do not struggle to justify standing against weapons research, but mathematical research by nature can have many unpredictable outcomes; a new technology that might seem like a genuine asset to humankind is only a couple of modifications from the latest killing machine, so even non-military research cannot be truly considered safe.

Stopping the weapons conference

New Zealand is a place often associated with its nuclear-free position, and it rates highly on the global peace index. In spite of a relatively bucolic lifestyle downunder, New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington, plays host to an annual weapons conference in November where about 550 delegates representing 165 companies converge for an annual weapons conference.Peace Action Wellington: Activists blockade the entrance to the weapons conferencePeace Action Wellington: Activists blockade the entrance to the weapons conference

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