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Militarisation of Youth

Reports from the International Day of Action for Military-Free Education and Research

The first International day of action For Military-Free Education and Research was organized by War Resisters International on June 14th 2013. Activists in India, Germany, South Africa, the State of Spain, Chile, Congo, the USA and Israel, called for a separation of the military from education.The Recruited ClassroomThe Recruited Classroom

Countering the Militarisation of Youth highlights

WRI's work on Countering the Militarisation of Youth is also a key part of the Right to Refuse to Kill programme, a natural extension to our work on counter-recruitment and conscientious objection. This work has had a really exciting time recently.

New book release - Sowing Seeds: The Militarisation of Youth and How to Counter It

Around the world children, adolescents, and young adults encounter the military and military values in a variety of ways, from visits to schools by military personnels, to video games and the presence of the military and its symbols in public places. Young people are encouraged to see the military as necessary and valuable; something to be supportive of, not to question.

International Day of Action For Military-Free Education and Research: 14 June 2013

Day of action logoDay of action logo

Today, 14 June 2013, groups and organisations in at least eleven different countries – Germany, India, Israel, Nigeria, state of Spain, Chile, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the UK, South Africa, Sweden, and the USA – are taking action to highlight and oppose the militarisation of education and research.

This week: Join us for 'Tactics for Combating Militarisation' - an online conversation

New Tactics in Human RightsNew Tactics in Human RightsJoin members of the WRI network and the New Tactics community for an online conversation on tactics for combating the militarisation of education, public spaces, vulnerable communities, entertainment and culture.

'One of the boys' – on the conscription of women to the Israeli military

Sahar Vardi

Photo credit: WikipediaPhoto credit: WikipediaIsrael has had, since its creation, mandatory military service for both men and women. It prides itself, both internally and externally, on its relatively gender-equal military in which women can both contribute to their society just as men can, and get an opportunity to prove their worth. The apparent gender equality presented by the military provokes a particular feminist perspective on the conscription of women.

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