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Manifeste pour la Paix en Angola

« Le peuple angolais veut une paix durable, une justice sociale, une bonne gouvernance et le droit à la citoyenneté, ainsi qu'un respect mutuel pour la diversité des peuples et des cultures, ce qui forme le projet de la Nation angolaise. Cela représentent les principes fondamentaux pour l'établissement d'un terrain d'entente parmi le peuple angolais. En substance, ces principes sont la fondation d'une révision en profondeur du concept de la Nation et la valorisation des citoyens angolais.

Manifeste pour la Paix en Angola

Le fusil brisé, Mai 2001, n° 49, dans le cadre de la Journée internationale des objecteurs de conscience : accent sur la question<

Jail terms for 'Angola-gate' guilty

Arkadi Gaydamak, a Russian-born Israeli businessman and Pierre Falcone, his French associate, have been sentenced to six-year jail terms for organising the illegal trafficking of weapons to Angola.
Gaydamak, who fled France before the trial, and Falcone were among 42 politicians, businessmen and members of the Paris elite accused of defying a UN embargo to arm the Angolan government during a civil war in the 1990s.
Charles Pasqua, France's former interior minister, was handed a one-year jail term for his involvement in the case dubbed "Angola-gate".

African Seeds of New Hope and Nonviolence

Echoing and heeding the call from Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda, first president of Zambia, to “redouble our efforts for justice and for a true African humanism,” the two of us, as editors and authors of Seeds of New Hope: Pan African Peace Studies for the 21st Century (2009) and the forthcoming Seeds Bearing Fruit: Pan African Peace Action, do affirm the great potential of the peoples of Africa.

Universal Periodic Review: CPTI Submission Angola, February 2010

Executive summary

This submission focusses on the treatment of conscientious objectors and others who seek to avoid military service in Angola.


We are happy to present our 2nd edition of War Profiteers' News.

In this edition, we highlight the cancellation of Halliburton's exclusive Iraq deal. At the same time we present what is happening in Cabinda where WRI affiliate Union Pacifiste from France is supporting a local campaign for the respect of human rights in Cabinda and against the pollution of the mouth of the Congo River. In this issue, we also inform about Caterpillar's shareholders meeting in Chicago, where the issue of the use of their equipment for demolishing Palestinians homes was again raised.

International Conscientious Objectors' Day: War Resisters' International Appeal

For the past several years, War Resisters' International has chosen a focus country or area of concern for its campaigns around 15 May, International Conscientious Objectors' Day.

Angolan Anti-Militarism Initiative for Human Rights

Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany - founded in November 1998, active since January 1999

The "Antimilitaristic Angolan Initiative for Human Rights" is a anti-war action group by Angolans within and outside Angola and is supported by foreign nationals sympathetic to its aims. We invite new members to join forces and become active in the group.

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