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Palestinian Autonomous Zones

Dialogues Against Militarism

Dialogues Against Militarism wants to share the stories and experiences of U.S. war resisters with those who are resisting militarism in Israel and Palestine. Our aim is to express direct solidarity with Israelis refusing military service and Palestinians resisting occupation, to learn from each other’s experiences in anti-militarist organizing, and to build relationships so that we can work together more effectively in the future.

Globalising Nonviolence: The International Solidarity Movement

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Since militarism, exploitation and oppression are globalised problems we need global resistance and global solidarity with each other in order to be able to construct new social relations.

I am no occupier, full stop

When one hears via foreign media of Israeli tanks rampaging in the streets of Palestinian cities (for some reason it's hardly ever on the news of the Israeli media), then we don't hear the whole truth.

Uri Ya'acobi
(Shortened version Ha'aretz, 18 August 2002)
(Full Text Ma'ariv, 22 August 2002)

Sergio Yahni

To: Minister of Defence Ben Eliezer
Ministry of Defence

An officer for whom you are responsible has sentenced me today to 28 days in military prison for my refusal to serve in reserve duty. I did not refuse only to serve in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, as I have for the past 15 years, I refused to serve in the Israeli army in any capacity.

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