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Palestinian Autonomous Zones

Refuse, Your people will protect you.

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"In the year 1949 and after the establishment of the state of Israel, minorities were emancipated from serving in the Israeli army. In the year 1954, the security office attempted to recruit all the Arab citizens in the country, yet, the attempts failed by facing a strict refusal. In the year 1956, the Palestinian Druze youth were compulsorily recruited to serve in the Israeli army, and in the year 1958 the Circassian youth were compulsorily recruited". (The law of serving the security in the state of Israel).

This is how the Arab Druze youth were recruited in the Israeli army by the order of Israeli minister of security and under the name of "law". This proves the inaccuracy of the Israeli narrative that claims: "Druze approached the state requesting to serve in the army.

Organizations in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine call for G4S boycott

Statement issued on 16 April 2013 (original in Arabic)

We, civic and human rights organizations of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine, in mobilization for Palestinian Prisoners’ Day this year, call for the boycott of the G4S company in the Arab World because of its involvement in Israeli occupation and oppression.

Freedom Flotilla - solidarity from words to action

Jørgen Johansen

The illegal blockade of Gaza has been condemned by most major international actors. The horrible consequences of this brutal violation of humanitarian law are unacceptable from every point of view. One and a half million people interned on the small strip (45 square km) between Israel, the Mediterranean, and Egypt. The blockade has reduced the transport of goods to and from Gaza by 80%.

Conscription for Gaza?

According to several reports, Hamas is discussing to introduce conscription in Gaza later in 2010. reported on 29 July that Hamas, intent on expanding its military, is preparing to institute mandatory military service. According to the same report, officials said the Hamas government and military were discussing a conscription programme to significantly expand security forces in the Gaza Strip. They said that in the first stage military service would remain voluntary.

Hamas leader says group considering Gaza draft

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — The top security official in Hamas-ruled Gaza says he's considering setting up a bigger military force, first of volunteers and eventually of conscripts.

Such a step would further tighten Hamas' control of Gaza and deepen the rift between the militant group and Western-backed moderates of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. Hamas now has a paid security force of 18,000.

Hamas evalúa el reclutamiento obligatorio en Gaza

CIUDAD DE GAZA—El ministro de Interior de la Franja de Gaza, una zona gobernada por la organización islámica Hamas, anunció el martes que analiza la posibilidad de decretar el servicio militar obligatorio para ampliar su poderío militar, aunque al principio sería solamente con reclutas voluntarios.

La medida podría incrementar el control de Hamas en la Franja de Gaza y aumentar la animosidad entre la entidad islámica y la Autoridad Palestina. Hamas cuenta ahora con una milicia pagada de 18.000 hombres armados.

Living the Intifada online

Andrew Rigby's 1991 book, Living the Intifada (Zed, 1991) is now online at At the time he wrote this, Andrew was convener of the WRI Middle East Working Group. This is a full-length study of the first intifada, including useful discussion on the issues of violence and nonviolence.

WRI Council statement on the Arrest of Mohammed Khatib

The War Resisters’ International condemns the arrest on 28 January 2010 of Mohammed Khatib of Bil’in, Palestine.

The War Resisters’ International Council, assembled in Ahmedabad, India, learned of the arrest of Mohammed Khatib by the Israeli military at his home at 1:45 am yesterday. Mohammed Khatib has played a central role in the popular committee planning and coordinating the struggle of the Bil’in village against the Apartheid Wall, constructed by Israel inside the 1967 occupied territories.

Carmel Agrexco blockaders in court

On the 26th - 29th October 2009 two women will be put on trial for taking part in a blockade of Carmel Agrexco’ produce warehouse during the Bloody Valentine Week of Action. They are accused of obstructing police officers and assaulting a police officer during the women only action. This is only the second time that people have been brought to court for actions against Carmel Agrexco in over 5 years of sustained direct action at the London depot.

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