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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Balkan Peace Team - International e.V.

Balkan Peace Team - International e.V.

Nonviolent Intervention in the Conflicts of Former Yugoslavia: Sending Teams of International Volunteers

A Final Internal Assessment of

Nonviolent action during military action

Taking part in activity against violence is particularly difficult when it is in the face of heavy, often arbitrary and unregulated, violence, as is the case during military action.

War Resisters' International: Balkans resource page

Rebuilding Kosov@ and the FRY: resource pages

Six years since the Srebrenica Massacre

Wednesday, July 11, 2001 marks the sixth anniversary of the beginning of the biggest massacre in Europe following World War II. On that day, units of the Republika Srpska Army began a liquidation of several thousand Bosnian men and boys from the safe haven of Srebrenica. An exact number of those executed will probably never be known, however, it has been proven that in Potocari, more than 3000 residents of Srebrenica lost their lives; the total number of victims is likely three times that figure.

NATO's evolution in Bosnia-Herzegovina

The war in Bosnia-Herzegovina led to NATO's first "peace-keeping" intervention and at the same time brought a shift from UN blue helmets to NATO military.

"Safe house" project report on perspectives of the Amnesty law in Yugoslavia

(This report is compiled of excerpts from talks that Bojan Toncic, a journalist of Belgrade daily "Danas" conducted with various experts and concerned persons in Belgrade.)

Yugoslav public was recently shocked with the information that father of the soldier who died in the war, killed the man who brought to his son a draft call. That is how the duty of people who were delivering draft calls during the war, with more or less responsibility, got another dimension.

"Safe house" report on the situation of conscientious objectors, draft evaders and deserters from the most recent conflict in Yugoslavia

This is a preliminary report compiled on the facts gathered at the "Safe house" project. Further reports and comments will be distributed upon collection of more data. Therefore, we would appreciate any contribution in this direction.

Against the logic of war

Letter to the International Helsinki Federation of Human Rights

Dear Friends and Esteemed Colleagues,

This letter is an answer to a "request" made by our associates and friends of long standing, with whom we cooperated for a number of years on the long-term and far-reaching programme of building a civic society in the FR of Yugoslavia.

Declaration of NGOs and political organizations of Yugoslavia

The Congress of the Center for the Dissemination of Information and Democracy (CeRID) and "Serbia Together" in joint session held on May 19 1999 in Nis, presents the following DECLARATION

Bosnia-Herzegovina: The Federation


1 Conscription

conscription exists

The present legal basis of conscription is unclear. Before 1996 the legal basis of conscription was probably the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia's Defence Law. On 6 July 1996 a new Law on Defence was passed, but not much information is available about it. [9]

Military service is performed in the armed forces of Bosnia-Herzegovina or in the Bosnian Croat forces (HVO). Both these forces are officially to merge into one in 1999.

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