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Taiwan: military service shortened to 12 months

A draft amendment to Taiwan's Conscription Act was passed preliminarily by a legislative committee on 3 December 2008, shortening the term of conscription from one year and two months to one year. The Ministry of National Defense began to shorten the term of conscription in 2004, when the period of mandatory military service was reduced from one year and 10 months to one year and eight months.

By January 2007, the term was shortened to one year and four months and as of July 2007, it was further shortened to one year and two months.

Taiwan to shorten conscription term to one year

Taiwan News, 3 December 2008

A draft amendment to Taiwan's Conscription Act was passed preliminarily by a legislative committee Wednesday, shortening the term of conscription from one year and two months to one year.

The Legislative Yuan's Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee passed preliminarily the draft amendment to Article 16 of the Conscription Act, calling for the shortening of the conscription period to one year, beginning January 2009.

Taïwan suit le mouvement : Le Président Ma veut abolir la conscription dans les quatre ans.

Le Président taïwanais Ma Ying-jeou a indiqué le 29 juillet 2008 qu'il espérait pouvoir évoluer vers un système de service volontaire d'ici quatre à six ans. Actuellement, les jeunes hommes taïwanais âgés de 18 ans ou diplômés de l'enseignement doivent effectuer un service militaire pendant un an.

Ma indique que les diplômés des secteurs de l'électronique et de l'informatique avait perdu la moitié de leur connaissance à la fin de leur service militaire.

Taiwan: discussion on conscription

The proposal by oppositional Taiwanese presidential candidate Ma Ying-yeou to phase out conscription in Taiwan and turn the Taiwanese military into an all-volunteer military by 2014 met with careful agreement from the Ministry of Defense of the country, and sparked a debate about conscription.

"The biggest advantage of an all-volunteer force is that the majority of male citizens of conscriptable age won't be drafted.

Peace in North-East Asia

Day 1 (Sunday, 26 June): Peace in North East Asia (Opening Panel)

The opening panel will introduce the different security threats and peace related issues of the region to the international and regional audience and also introduce concept of non-violent resistance, which WRI has pursued so far, and will contribute to peace movement in this region. For this panel, we aim to get speakers from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and WRI members.

Peace in North-East Asia

Report from the international seminar in Seoul, 26-29 June 2005

The 2005 WRI annual seminar was entitled “Peace In North-East Asia” and focused on a variety of related topics over 3.5 days. It consisted of a mixture of panel discussions, small workshops and a nonviolence training session.

Peace in North-East Asia International Seminar, Korea, 26-29 June 2005


War Resisters' International, the international network of pacifist organisations with 80 affiliates in 40 countries, founded in 1921, is cooperating with South Korean partner organisations for an international seminar on Peace in North-East Asia, to be held in South Korea in June 2005.



1 Conscription

conscription exists

Conscription has existed since the achievement of independence.

The legal basis of conscription is a text published in China in 1933, plus subsequent modifications. [1]

military service

All men between the ages of 18 and 45 are liable for military service. [1]

Military service lasts for two years. [1]

There are reserve duties. [4]

Military training for both men and women is available at both college and university, but it is not known whether it is compulsory.

March 8 Activities

March 8, International Women's Day, was celebrated in a variety of ways around the world. In Turkey, the women of Izmir Savas Karsitlari Dernegi (ISKD--the Izmir War Resisters Association) produced Dario Fo's play "The Rape", and held a discussion afterwards with the audience. The women joined with other organizations to march on March 11, rather than March 8, in order to increase participation.

WRI Women on the Move

Bienvenue, Dominique!

Dominique Saillard is the new woman on staff at WRI's London office, and the official liaison with the WRI Women's Working Group. She works three days a week at the office, and you can write or speak to her in French, Spanish, German or English. Dominique was born in France and educated as a professional translator; she lived in the US for awhile, where she was active in peace and environmental groups. She is deeply committed to women's empowerment. A very warm welcome from all of us, Dominique.

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