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Michalis Tolis

  • Grèce

Michalis Tolis, a conscientious objector on ideological grounds and an active member of the Greek antimilitaristic movement, declared his total objection, along with three other conscientious objectors, on 19th September 2011.

Michalis Tolis

  • Grèce
Activist type:
  • insoumis
  • Declared objector

Crackdown on Greek COs was expected and may intensify

Since the beginning of the year, a crackdown on conscientious objectors (and maybe draft evaders in general) has taken place in Greece. The arrest of 44 year old Nikolaos Karanikas in February, followed by that of 37 year old Haralampos Akrivopoulos in March, and of 30 year old Menelaos Exioglou in April, were the first after many years of relative calm. In this period, COs who were total objectors or refused to accept a punitive alternative service were still prosecuted and sentenced (some times in absentia) - to suspended prison sentences, in military courts - but without arrests.

Regression in Greece

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Over the past months, there has been a dramatic upswing in the persecution of conscientious objectors in Greece. All of those listed below have already been tried or imprisoned, some over twenty years ago, and they now face further legal action against them.

These cases include

WRI statement, and acquittal of CO Nikos Karanikas

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Nikos KaranikasNikos KaranikasGreek conscientious objector Nikos Karanikas was acquitted on 8th March for charges of insubordination. The reasons for this were primarily administrative, and he can expect more call ups and prosecutions in future. In advance of the trial, WRI joined with Amnesty International and the European Bureau for Conscientious Objection in making a statement condemning the persecution of Nikos.

WRI observer reports from trial of CO Nikos Karanikas

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Lazaros Petromelidis represented War Resisters' International at the trial of Nikos Karanikas. Here is his report of the day:

Nikos Karanikas is a very active and well known person. Many people came to attend his trial on 8 March, something that always presses the members of the court. It is maybe the first time that the president of the court allowed all the witnesses (10) to testify in Nikos' defence: normally, the courts do not accept more than 4-5.

Nikos' witnesses were:

Joint Public Statement - Greece: When will conscientious objectors stop being persecuted?

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New trial for 44 year-old conscientious objector by military court

Nikolaos Karanikas Solidarity 6 March 2013Nikolaos Karanikas Solidarity 6 March 2013

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