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Länderbericht und Aktualisierungen: Lithuania

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25 Apr 2016

Having reintroduced conscription temporarily (for a span of five years) last year, the State Defence Council decided in March that mandatory military service would be enacted indefinitely. The council's decision now have to be approved at the Seimas, the country's parliament. Conscription had been abolished in 2008, but was reintroduced - and defence spending also increased - citing security threats in Eastern Europe.

30 Nov 2015

Lithuania's plans to extend military conscription after 2020. Conscription was reintroduced earlier this year, planned to be only for five years. But due to the “threats from the east” they have already decided to prolong it at least by another year.

A new survey, shows that more than 50% of the population backs the re-introduction of conscription in the country. The survey also shows that the majority of those that oppose conscription belong to the 15-24 age group, the age group closest to conscription age, which is 19-26.

19 Jun 2015

Two women in Lithuania have created a series of photos, exploring the issue of conscription in Lithuania. Tiskevic-Hasanova and Neringa Rekasiute created the photo series after conscription was reintroduced in March 2015. The first call-up took place May 11th, when 2/3 of the 3,000 spaces to be filled were met by volunteers.

03 Mär 2015

Photo: Bem photographyPhoto: Bem photography

After the reinstatement of military conscription last year, the Ukrainian military is undertaking the first of three waves of 'emergency' military conscription. Call ups in this wave started on 20 January, and men aged 25 to 60 are eligible for conscription. By mid-February 75000 people had been called up, of whom 60% will enter service, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko claims.

Conscription had ended in Ukraine in 2013, but was reimposed in 2014.

21 Okt 2009

Am 1. Juli 2009 verließ der letzte Wehrpflichtige die Streitkräfte Litauens. Damit ist die Umwandlung in eine Freiwilligenarmee abgeschlossen. Am 13. März 2008 hatte das litauische Parlament das Gesetz „Zu den Organisationsprinzipien der litauischen Streitkräfte“ verabschiedet, womit dem Parlament ermöglicht wurde, die Zahl der zu rekrutierenden Wehrpflichtigen von Jahr zu Jahr festzusetzen, mit dem Ziel, die Zahl auf 0 zu reduzieren und damit die Wehrpflicht auszusetzen. Am 26.

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