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Dialogues Against Militarism

Dialogues Against Militarism wants to share the stories and experiences of U.S. war resisters with those who are resisting militarism in Israel and Palestine. Our aim is to express direct solidarity with Israelis refusing military service and Palestinians resisting occupation, to learn from each other’s experiences in anti-militarist organizing, and to build relationships so that we can work together more effectively in the future.

A delegation is being organised to Israel/Palestine to discuss experiences and learn from each other’s strategies for confronting war and occupation while engaging the effects of militarism in our respective societies.
During the tour a film will be produced to document these dialogues as well as investigate the effects of militarism on Israeli and Palestinian life. The documentary will then be used as a way of extending the effectiveness of the tour and continuing to organize within the U.S. and Israel/Palestine.

The project is endorsed by War Resisters' International.

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