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Campagnes : séminaires et manifestations

Déclarations de l'IRG

01 juin 1997

WRI Council has now produced a Statement of Principles, a daunting task that the organisation had not managed since the 1950s. As well as introducing some of the main tenets of pacifism and nonviolence, this statement also respects the plurality of views within the organisation, and acknowledges the complexity posed by certain situations.

WRI embarked on this drafting mainly as a means of stimulating discussion rather than with confidence about producing a final text.

01 juin 1997

L'Internationale des résistant(e)s à la guerre est un réseau mondial d'organisations, de groupes et de personnes indépendants qui adhèrent à la Déclaration de l'IRG:

La guerre est un crime contre l'humanité. C'est pourquoi je suis résolu(e) à n'aider à aucune espèce de guerre et à lutter pour l'abolition de toutes les causes des guerres.

01 juin 1997


War Resisters' International began a strategic planning process in 1995 in order to become more effective at what we do. By WRI we mean the organization in its own right as well as our Affiliates. The purpose of having such a plan is to be clear about the goals WRI should be working towards, define our priorities and inspire us to carry out the spirit of the WRI declaration above.

The development of a Strategic Plan can best be described as the process of asking four basic questions:

  • What is WRI's purpose?


09 mai 2017

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In September 2017, thousands of arms dealers will descend on London to market their wares to militaries from across the globe. Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) - is one of the biggest arms fairs in the world, and it takes place in east London every two years, exporting death and destruction around the world.

We are the international resistance to DSEI, and we need your help.

27 févr. 2017

Previous actions against DSEIPrevious actions against DSEILa réunion du Comité de l'IRG de cette année aura lieu à Londres en septembre, ce qui coïncide avec le salon DSEI – Salon International de l’Equipement de Défense et de Sécurité – le plus grand salon au monde de l'équipement de défense. Nous prendrons part à des activités avant et après le Comité afin de perturber la foire. Le programme de nos activités pour ces événements est comme suit :

  • vendredi 8 septembre : arrivée et préparations.
  • samedi 9 septembre : participation à la grande journée d'action avec CAT -Campagne contre le Commerce des Armes.
  • dimanche 10 septembre : activité publique contre la militarisation internationale et le commerce des armes
  • lundi 11 et mardi 12 septembre: réunion du Comité

25 oct. 2016

SyriaSyriaWRI has just held it's annual Council meeting - this year it was held online, and included several public 'webinars', with activists from across the network describing our work. All four webinars were recorded and are available to rewatch.

22 févr. 2016

À la fin du séminaire international « Mettons fin au commerce de la guerre », trois participants ont tenu à partager leurs réflexions sur la rencontre. Voici ce qu’ils ont à raconter.

Tuuli Vuori

Tuuli en train de prendre des mesures contre les salons d’armement ADEXTuuli en train de prendre des mesures contre les salons d’armement ADEXIl est bon d’être en Corée du Sud, car je viens d’un pays qui maintient toujours la conscription, et j’ai passé la moitié de ma vie à travailler sur les questions liées à l’objection de conscience, et c’est l’une des raisons pourquoi il est si extraordinaire pour moi d’être à Séoul ; j’ai tellement entendu parler des campagnes que nos amis sud-coréens ont menées ici.

Le domaine des profiteurs de la guerre n’étant pas mon fort, j’ai beaucoup appris lors de ce séminaire. Merci pour les conférenciers et les ateliers très intéressants!

Lors de ce séminaire, nous avons discuté des conséquences de ces profiteurs sur les individus. Nous avons également discuté des structures vastes et sombres des profiteurs. Ces structures me font parfois me sentir insignifiante.

18 déc. 2015


The Stopping the War Business seminar was held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on 16 and 17 October, 2015. It was co­hosted by World Without War and War Resisters' International. The seminar provided space for learning about effective tactics used to challenge war profiteers around the world, and forged relationships between campaigners that will inform and enable new campaigns from here onwards. Activists from 21 different countries took part, with 70 participants in total (30 internationals, and 40 Koreans).

Quote from the evaluation: 'I came back with a big bag of knowledge and experiences from different regions that I would very much like to spread the information in my country'

After the seminar, a nonviolence training and then action against the ADEX arms fair took place. The seminar and the actions were deliberately linked, in order to support local activists in their struggle against a local example of war profiteering, and to put the learnings and relationships built up during the seminar into action.

27 oct. 2015

Hosted by our Korean affiliate World Without War, this month in Seoul WRI held our Council meeting and co-hosted an international seminar 'Stopping the War Business'. Presentations from the seminar will be posted online (watch the first - Andrew Feinstein giving and introduction to the arms trade - here), and a special edition of War Profiteers News will follow. After the seminar, we took action against the ADEX arms fair, disrupting the arms dealers' welcome dinner. At the Council meeting, four new organisations were accepted into membership of WRI as associates. See photos here.


20 oct. 2015

Photo: Sarah WaldronPhoto: Sarah Waldron

After the Stopping the War Business seminar, WRI and World Without War activists took action to disrupt the welcome dinner for the ADEX arms fair in Seoul.

Inside the hotel that was hosting the dinner, activists held banners, chanted 'Stop Arms Trade', and flung money strewn with 'blood' on the ground. They were forceably removed by security, but caught the attention of over around 100 'VIPs', arms dealers and members of the military.

Photo: Mohannad DarabeePhoto: Mohannad Darabee

Outside, protesters held a rally, with speakers, songs, a die-in and a dance, in full view of the buses of arms dealers arriving for the dinner.

18 oct. 2015

For two days activists from sixteen countries have gathered in Seoul for the Stopping the War Business seminar, co-hosted by World Without War and War Resisters' International.

We heard inspiring talks about ongoing resistance to war profiteering - from police militarisation and the companies that feed it in the USA, to civilian companies profiting from occupation in West Papua. We participated in workshops on different tactics we can use in the struggle to stop war profiteering, and in 'campaigns clinics', in which participants introduced campaigns they are involved in, and heard reflections and ideas from other activists.

01 oct. 2015

Stopping the War Business, our international seminar on war profiteering, starts in Seoul in two weeks time!

Disrupting war profiteering takes a whole range of activities, from research, lobbying and legal challenges to mobilisation, direct action and creative campaigning techniques. This seminar will provide a space for activists using a whole range of different methods to gather together, learn how a spectrum of tactics interlink and help each other to be more effective.

The seminar is being jointly coordinated by World Without War in Korea and War Resisters' International.