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Bomspotting XL

Bomspotting XL is a mass action of civil disobedience in which we try to stop the preparation of war crimes by trespassing and inspecting nuclear weapon-related military bases and headquarters. We try in an open and nonviolent way to inspect these places for nuclear weapons or evidence about their involvement in nuclear weapons policy and to stop this preparation of war crimes. In the past we have carried out actions at the airbase of Kleine Brogel (where American nuclear weapons are stored), the political headquarters of NATO in Brussels and SHAPE, the NATO military headquarters, in Mons. On 16th April 2005 we go again to the three places on the same day. The fact that nuclear weapons can not be used without violating international humanitarian law is used as juridical legitimation for these mass inspections of nuclear weapon related places. On these places war crimes are prepared and our action is an attempt to prevent these crimes.

Trespassing on a military base without permission is a crime according to Belgian criminal law, but we think our action is legally justified because this action is necessary to stop the preparation of war crimes. Until now, the Belgian courts have not sentenced anyone for these actions but have instead declared themselves incompetent.

Our actions are strictly nonviolent, and we want to keep them this way. The legal framework in which we operate legitimises our action but it cannot be used to legitimise everything. Since we base our action on legal arguments, we have to respect the limits implied in them. Finally we try to get as broad support as possible for a change in NATO strategy. We want our action to be seen as something in which a lot of people can imagine themselves participating. So, a private war against NATO is not an option during the action. In this action there is no space for any sort of violent act. Every participant is required to sign an engagement declaration, in which they agree to accept the nonviolence guidelines.If you don't sign the declaration, you are not a participant in the action.

We offer participants nonviolent action training before the action, to ensure that everyone is well prepared for the action and is able to help in keeping the action nonviolent. This preparation training is not an obligation but is recommended.

We invite people and organisations from all over Europe to participate in this action and to use it as part in campaigns in your country of origin.

If participants from abroad are coming, we ask to contact us so we can prepare accommodation, look into the possibilities for training, and make arrangements about press, etc. We prepare accomodation from 14th April evening till 17th April. Place is not scheduled yet.

Bomspotting vzw, RPR-477257519, Patriottenstraat 27, 2600 Berchem
tel: 03/281.68.39;;