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Europe in Bad Constitution

European Day of Action October 29th

On October 29th 2004 the draft for the EU constitution is intended for signing by the heads of state of the EU member states. After that the ratification process is supposed to start in all 25 EU countries.

We oppose the ratification of this constitution treaty

  • because it enforces the militarization of the EU for both political and economical reasons, with the prospect of a capability to wage war worldwide.
  • because it is based on neoliberalism and commits the EU to share the principles of an "open free market economy with free competition". Social and job policies are second to economic competition. The budget for armament and restructuring of the EU forces as well as the financing of "New Wars" will be paid for by cuts in social systems.
  • because this constitution establishes an antisocial order for the European Union by depriving the EU Charta of Basic Rights of various social and union aspects and because it dilutes their effectiveness.
  • because it establishes imperial power politics inside and outside the EU; votes are carried by the majority of the big member states in the European Council &ndash notably by Germany.

We oppose the ratification of this constitution and call on everybody to organize events about Europe in Bad Constitution on Oct. 29th in as many places in Europe as possible.

  • be it vigils, rallies, resolutions, stalls, speeches, or whatever you think of.
  • be it one, two, hundreds, or thousands participating.
  • be it a banner in the window of the flat, a vigil in the neighbourhood, or a rally in the central square.

In order to document the protest, the photos of the actions are collected on a website and presented in a press conference the next day.

In order to prevent this constitution treaty from being passed, we support a Big Public Campaign that aims at informing and warning the public about the contents of this draft constitution.

An initiative by
DFG-VK, Haußmannstr. 6, 70188 Stuttgart, phone +49-711-2155112, fax +49-711-2155214,,
This is part of the campaign Steps towards Disarmament by the DFG-VK,
With support from
IMI, Hechingerstr. 203, 72072 Tübingen, phone +49-7071-49154, fax +49-7071-49159,,
War Resisters' International, 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DX, Britain, phone +44-20-72784040, fax +44-20-72780444,,