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Prisoners for Peace Day 2002 focuses on a region - or maybe we should say two regions - which normally do not receive much attention from the peace movement, or from the public in general: the Caucasus and Central Asia. It is high time the peace movement took notice of these regions - the military and the global oil business quietly managed to get in there already.

As this issue of The Broken Rifle - the special Prisoners for Peace issue - shows, peace movement attention is urgently needed to support human rights and peace activists in the region. None of the countries can be termed a proper democracy, and none of the countries meets international standards regarding conscientious objection.

With this issue of The Broken Rifle, War Resisters' International turns its attention to the Caucasus and Central Asia. We hope you will follow us-the region and WRI will need your support.

Andreas Speck
CO Campaign Worker at the WRI office, London
War Resisters' International
5 Caledonian Rd; London N1 9DX; Britain;;