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Turkmen complainants tortured

The cases of ten Turkmen Jehovah's Witness conscientious objectors are being considered by the United Nations Human Rights Committee. The complainants, led by Navruz Nasyrlaev, filed complaints of torture and violation of their rights to freedom of religion or belief with the UN Human Rights Committee on 3 September 2012.

These complaints have noted that in the Seydi Labour Camp - where most conscientious objectors (COs) are held - COs have regularly been subjected to spells in the punishment cell, whilst some have been brutally beaten.

On 24 January, 30 police officers raided the home of Navruz Nasyrlaev in Dashoguz. Two family members and four guests were detained for up to 40 hours. All were beaten and tortured, one of them severely, while one detainee was threatened with being raped in the police station. Three were then fined.

Sources: Forum 18, TURKMENISTAN: Raid, two-day detentions, torture, rape threat, fines14 February 2013; CO-Alert, TURKMENISTAN: Four conscientious objectors imprisoned – two for the second time – and complainants harassed 22 February 2013.