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Cycle of release and reimprisonment for Natan Blanc

Israeli conscientious objector Natan Blanc is how in prison for the ninth time. At the end of this spell, he will have been in prison for more than 150 days altogether.

After his seventh prison sentence, Natan appeared in front of the “Incompatibility Committee” - at his request. However, on February 24th they ruled that he could not be released from military service, and was once again scheduled to return to the Induction Centre, and hence faced another imprisonment.

Natan Blanc has said that he assumes the army is trying to wear him down with the repeated confinements until he gives in and enlists, but he does not intend to do so.

Amnesty International in Israel have called upon the Israeli authorities to cease this cycle of persecution.

Natan Blanc explains his reasons for his refusal in this video:

Natan Blanc is prepared to do a substitute service in a civilian hospital.

War Resisters' International, alongside New Profile, our Israeli affiliate, are exploring ways in which international mechanisms can be used to support Natan.

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