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Recommendation 1380 (1998): Human rights of conscripts

Human rights of conscripts

1. The Assembly refers to its Resolution 1166 (1998) on the human rights of conscripts, in which it invites member states to allow conscripts to enjoy civil and social rights and to grant them a status of "citizen in uniform", in strict respect of the European Convention on Human Rights.

2. The Assembly particularly recommends that the Committee of Ministers formulate strict guidelines for the member states on the way the following articles of the European Convention on Human Rights and of the case-law of the European Court on Human Rights should be applied in the specific case of conscripts:

a. Article 3 (freedom from inhuman or degrading treatment);

b. Article 4 (freedom from forced or compulsory labour);

c. Articles 5 and 6 (proceedings for complaints; lawful arrest and detention; fair trial by independent and impartial courts);

d. Articles 10 and 11 (freedom of speech, of assembly and of association).


1. Assembly debate on 22 September 1998 (26th Sitting) (see Doc. 7979, report of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights, rapporteur: Mr Jurgens).

Text adopted by the Assembly on 22 September 1998 (26th Sitting).