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International events

Peace, Development, Equity and Integration in the Americas -- 7-10 October, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The second Latin-american conference on international relations and peace research is organised by the Centro Argentino de Investigacion para la Paz and the Argentinian section of the Consejo Latinoamericano de Investigación para la Paz.

Jaime Garreta, CAIPAZ, Hipolito Yrigoyen 1994, 2°-4, 1089 Buenos Aires, Argentina (fax +54 1 951 0712, email

A Day Without the Pentagon -- 24 October, United States

See p.8 for more information

Chris Ney, WRL, 339 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012, USA (tel +1 212 228 0450; fax +1 212 228 6193; email:

A World Without NATO -- 31 October - 2 November, Budapest, Hungary

See p.8 for more information.

Alba Kör, Budapest, 1461 pf. 225, Hungary (tel/fax +36 1 332-6109; email: (regarding the conference); (office);

Conference on Security, Religion and Civilian-Based Defense --
21-23 November, Los Angeles, USA

This event is organised by the Civilian-Based Defense Association which seeks to build closer alliances with religious groups as a means of promoting the concept of civilian-based defense in a wider portion of the general public. Registration fee is $40 until 1 November, $50 afterwards.

Civilian-Based Defense Association, PO Box 92, Omaha, NE 68101, USA (tel +1 402 558-2085; email

International Youth Peace Week: A Call To Action --
28 November - 6 December, USA and other countries

See information p.8

International YouthPeace Week, Attn: Malkia M'Buzi Moore. YouthPeace/War Resisters League,
339 Lafayette St., New York, NY 10012, USA (tel +1 212 228 0450 or from within the U.S. 1-800-WRL-YOUTH; fax +1 212 228 6193; email:

Women: Personal is Political, Local is Global -- 8-10 December,
St. Petersburg, Russia

This bilingual (Russian/English) conference is being held by Woman and Earth Global Eco-Network, the first independent and non-governmental organisation for women in Russia.

Topics will run a wide range--from arts, literature, and goddess spirituality to ecology, economic development, media, violence, health, and political participation. There will be particular attention paid to how Russian, CIS, and Eastern European women have been affected by the democratic movement of the '90's.

Woman and Earth Global Eco-Network, attention: Tatyana V. Mamonova and Carmella M. DiDio,
467 Central Park West, Suite 7F New York, NY 10025, USA (tel/fax +1 212 866 8130; email:

Educational Program for Trainers of Nonviolent Action -- 1997-2000, Central and Western Europe

This three-year vocational course in creative conflict resolution is jointly sponsored by four European peace organisations: Le Cun de Larzac; KURVE Wustrow, Center for Education and Networking in Nonviolent Action; Peace and Networking Center Mutlangen; and the Franconian Education Center for Peace Work.

The basic courses of the education program are spread over three years. Year 1 lays the foundations for the understanding and resolution of conflict, nonviolence and nonviolent action. Year 2 focuses on the basics of education techniques; in Year 3 participants will delve deeper into the study of resistance methods, reconciliation, and methods of dealing with intercultural conflicts. A fourth, optional year allows some participants to meet as a training collective and specialise in a particular area.

The yearly fee will be between DM 2,400-5,000. Scholarships are available.

The first seminar will be held from 26 - 30 November 1997 at KURVE Wustrow.

KURVE Wustrow, Kirchstr. 14, 29462 Wustrow, Germany (tel +49 5843 507; fax +49 5843 1405; email

Peace Congress Osnabrück '98 - 29 - 31 May 1998, Osnabrück, Germany

The European Congress for Peace and Conscientious Objection is to be held on the 350th anniversary of the Treaty of Westpalia, and is focusing on global disarmament and the reduction of the military
apparatus. The three main aims include:

1) Exchange of experience between the proponents and active representatives of war resisting groups in all European countries. This exchange will be directed toward a realisation of long-lasting peace
concepts and the support of war refugees and deserters.

2) Discussion of the legal and factual possibilities for conscientious objectors in European countries.

3) Boosting of public concern for non-military means and strategies of settling domestic conflicts and conflicts between countries.

There will be preparatory work parties and teams, such as "conscientious objection as a human right" and "Eastern and Southern Europe."

European Peace Congress 1998, Postfach 4121, D-49031 Osnabrück, Germany (tel +49 541 260650; fax +49 541 260680; email