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Palestinian Autonomous Zones


1 Conscription

conscription does not exist

The Palestinian Autonomous Zones are not allowed to have any armed forces. There are several paramilitary forces.

In August 1997 the Palestinian parliament discussed a proposal by the PLC (Palestinian Legislative Council) for a national service law. According to the proposal all high school graduates, men and women, would be liable for community service. According to the PLC a national service law aimed to counter unemployment and offer vocational training and "to create unity amongst the people of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip". [1] [3]

Israel criticized the proposal as a violation of the peace process. The Israeli government stated that a national service law was a way of inducting young people into the army. [1]

No further details are known and it is not known whether a national service law is still in preparation.

2 Conscientious objection

There is no known legal provision for conscientious objection.

6 Annual statistics

The paramilitary forces are 35,000 strong. [2]


[1] 'National Service Law proposed', Jerusalem Times, 15 August 1997. [2] Institute for Strategic Studies 1997. Military Balance 1997/98. ISS, London. [3] 'Jeder männlicher und weibliche Jugendliche soll der Nation dienen', DW Monitor Dienst, 11 August 1997.


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