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Please support WRI's unique work

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil: Activists in Israel dress as soldiers to take part in a protest, in solidarity with imprisoned conscientious objectorsHear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil: Activists in Israel dress as soldiers to take part in a protest, in solidarity with imprisoned conscientious objectorsDear friends,

My name is Taya, and I am writing from the Israeli organisation Mesarvot. We support conscientious objectors who refuse to be conscripted into the Israeli military.

I am writing to ask you to support War Resisters' International, to enable this important network to continue its unique work, building solidarity among antimilitarist activists across the world. Please consider how you can support WRI financially today.

Just under a year ago, I had the opportunity to spend a wonderful three months as an intern at the WRI office. At first, as I looked at other countries and learnt of the militarism and war happening around the world, and identified the same patterns of oppression and violence I know from Israel, I was discouraged. What impact can we possibly hope to have? But this feeling was soon replaced by excitement, at the revelation that in all of these places there are people resisting, creating alternatives, countering militarism, working alongside me, even if they are thousands of kilometres away.

International solidarity for draft refusers in Israel

In Israel, one of the main roles of the military is to maintain the occupation and military rule over millions of Palestinians. Both women and men are drafted, and the military is seen not only as crucial for maintaining Israel’s “security”, but also as making a wider contribution to society. Conscientious objectors in Israel defy political and social norms and “pay a price” for doing so. Sometimes this takes the form of a prison sentence - if they decide to outright refuse military service - and more often in the form of social criticism or isolation. The difficulties faced by conscientious objectors in Israel emphasise the importance of the ongoing international solidarity for us here in Mesarvot network.

Thanks to our links with WRI, real, tangible international solidarity has become possible. For conscientious objectors in Israel, and for the Mesarvot network who support them, this solidarity is significant; working with WRI means we are now connected with supporters all over the world. The WRI network has taken on our campaign as its own, by offering creative ideas, connections, and support, alongside a deeper understanding of what may work in each context. Connecting with WRI has helped us to link with other people and organisations who may be able to help.

Just a few examples of WRI’s support include:

  • mobilising international solidarity for the five imprisoned conscientious objectors we’ve supported so far,
  • coordinating a statement of support from other conscientious objectors in the eastern Mediterranean region,
  • running a social media campaign in support of those in prison,
  • organising activists to write personal letters to conscientious objectors in prison,
  • and helping us to organise an international day of action in solidarity with conscientious objectors and against companies arming and profiting from the occupation (for more information on how to take part in these actions, see the Prisoners for Peace day list here

These actions support and encourage local activists from small organisations, who rely on the support of WRI for the international solidarity we so need. We need to work together against war and militarism. We need WRI as activists, movements, and people who want a world free from war - and until we succeed in abolishing war, WRI needs our support too. Please give generously.



Taya Govreen-Segal

Turkey: International observers at the trial of human rights activists and journalists in Istanbul

Şebnem Korur Fincancı and Erol Önderoğlu together with international observers at the courthouseŞebnem Korur Fincancı and Erol Önderoğlu together with international observers at the courthouseThe trial against the president of the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TIHV), Prof. Dr. Şebnem Korur Fincancı, the journalist Erol Önderoğlu, and the writer Ahmet Nesin began on 8 November. The prosecutor accused the three of producing propaganda for a terrorist organization because of their participation in a freedom of expression campaign for the pro-Kurd newspaper Özgür Gündem.

Before the hearing, international and local observers were invited by the Medical Chamber Istanbul for a gathering in their centre. On a morning gathering, the International Forum for Justice and Freedom, they emphasised their solidarity with the accused.

This week is the International Week of Action Against the Militarisation of Youth

This week is the International Week of Action Against the Militarisation of Youth (14-20 November). There are many actions and events, organised by groups from different countries, happening this week. Please see the list below.

The week is a concerted effort of antimilitarist actions across the world to raise awareness of, and challenge, the ways young people are militarised, and to give voice to alternatives.

Disponibles nuestros seminarios web sobre Siria, la militarización de la juventud, Turquía y los programas constructivos


La IRG acaba de celebrar la reunión anual de su Consejo. Este año ha tenido lugar telemáticamente, e incluye varios seminarios web públicos, en los que activistas de todo lo ancho de nuestra red han explicado su trabajo. Los cuatro seminarios web han sido grabados y están disponibles en línea para su reproducción. Todos están en inglés.

·        Respuestas internacionales a Siria  (

·        Nuevos mundos en viejos caparazones: introducción al programa constructivo (

·        Detener el ciclo de la violencia en Turquía (

·        Contrarrestar la militarización de la juventud: ejemplos de resistencia (

1 de diciembre: Negarse a la ocupación - Día internacional de acción

Tamar Alon, Atalya Ben Abba y Tamar Ze'evi se enfrentan a penas de cárcel por negarse a servir en la ocupación israelí. Apóyalas uniéndote a nosotros el 1 de diciembre en un día internacional de acción.

Se organizarán vigilias delante de fábricas de armas y otros emplazamientos para apelar a los gobiernos a parar de suministrar armas a la ocupación israelí en lugar de beneficiarse económicamente de ella.

Mientras Europa siga comerciando con la industria armamentística israelí, la ocupación continuará. Mientras EE UU siga armando a Israel y comprando sus armas, los jóvenes israelíes seguirán siendo encarcelados por negarse a dirigir esas armas contra civiles.

Welcome to four new WRI affiliates!

International Day of Nonviolence in South Sudan. Photo: ONADInternational Day of Nonviolence in South Sudan. Photo: ONADAt our eCouncil meeting this month, we were really glad to welcome four new organisations as Associate Organisations of War Resisters' International. They are:

Campaign Against Arms Trade (Britain), working to end the international arms trade and to promote progressive demilitarisation in arms-producing countries.

NESEHNUTÍ (Czech Republic): a social and ecological non-governmental organization, that works principally on the basis that ecological and social problems have shared causes and consequences which must be resolved. All our activities aim to show that social change based on respect for people, animals and nature is possible, and, most importantly must be led from below. Therefore, we support people who are interested and engaged in what is happening around them and who consider responsibility for life on our planet as an integral part of their own freedom. We work independently of party and economic interests, using strictly non-violent means.

Şiddetsizlik egitim ve arastirma dernegi (Nonviolence Education and Research Centre, Turkey): 'To achieve our dream of a nonviolent world we organize trainings, produce knowledge and share our resources. In doing so, our methods are non-hierarchical, participatory and based on solidarity and consensus. In this context, we aim to develop creative nonviolent campaigning tools and policy-making instruments, to share these instruments and to empower everyone struggling for a nonviolent world. Because we believe that a world without discrimination and oppression, where social justice exists and conflicts are solved in nonviolent ways, is possible.

VD AMOK (the Netherlands) -  a Dutch anti-militarist and conscientious objectors organization, non-governmental and non-profit, that works closely together with peace movements and peace organizations to create a peaceful, fair and stable world.

Three organisations already affiliated to WRI as Associate Organisations were also admitted as Sections of WRI. They are Alternatives to Violence Project, Nigeria; the Organization for Nonviolence and Development (South Sudan) and Žene u crnom (Women in Black Serbia).

We look forward to working more with all of these organisations towards a world without war!

Informe de la Oficina y del Ejecutivo Noviembre 2015 – Agosto 2016


Elaborado por el comité ejecutivo y el personal de la oficina de la IRG

Preparativos de la acción durante el Seminario contra los especuladores de la guerra en Seúl 2015Preparativos de la acción durante el Seminario contra los especuladores de la guerra en Seúl 2015


Otro año ha transcurrido y en su transcurso ha habido de nuevo demasiada muerte y destrucción, provocadas por la guerra y el militarismo. Pero en todas partes del mundo, la gente sigue defendiendo la paz y oponiendo resistencia a las (no)soluciones militares, la carrera armamentista, las injusticias, la desigual distribución de recursos... En este informe anual podrás leer sobre algunas de estas luchas: objetores de conciencia que se niegan a formar parte de la maquinaria bélica, grupos de todo el mundo que emprenden acciones contra la militarización de los jóvenes, activistas por la paz que se juntan para aprender unos de otros y fortalecer campañas y redes que ya están en marcha.

El informe contiene un repaso de las actividades y programas de la IRG desde el último consejo, la labor realizada por la IRG y sus afiliados en distintas regiones del mundo, la actividad interna de la organización, publicaciones, declaraciones y comunicados de prensa, la campaña para detener la violencia en Turquía, la situación económica y, por último, las perspectivas de cara al próximo año. Como leerás en el informe, siguen llegando organizaciones y personas a la IRG para intercambiar experiencias y conocimientos, establecer colaboraciones entre activistas por la paz de todo el mundo y forjar movimientos más fuertes a medida que aprendemos unos de otros.<--break- />

Colombia: las paces desde una perspectiva antimilitarista latinoamericana

Por Pelao Carvallo

Medellín años ’90Medellín años ’90Me ilusionó el sí en Colombia pese a que la idea de plebiscitar la paz me parece (y me parecía) una estrategia equivocada, tanto en lo coyuntural como en el largo plazo. Esto porque cualquier propuesta de paz debe implicar también deshacerse de la lógica de guerra que tanto favorece a los militaristas de toda orientación ideológica.

El camino electoral reproduce la misma lógica binaria del militarismo; ganadores v/s perdedores, victoria v/s derrota. Esto  fue posible porque solemos olvidar que el acuerdo de paz es producto de la negociación entre dos actores armados (las FARC –EP, fuerzas armadas revolucionarias de Colombia- Ejército del Pueblo y el gobierno colombiano) quienes aún mantienen lógicas de guerra tanto para entender el conflicto como para diseñar estrategias de salida a él.

Stop the cycle of violence in Turkey: Signatures submitted to the EU

In Spring 2016 War Resisters' International launched a new campaign focusing on the escalating cycle of violence in Turkey. As part of this campaign, initiated in response to demands from WRI activists in Turkey, we have launched a petition addressing the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini, on behalf of the European Union. The appeal was calling on the EU not to lose sight of the situation in Turkey, and to take action on the escalating violence in the country.

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