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From the office

Webinar: India: Extractive Industries, State Violence & Nonviolent Struggle for Right to Life & Livelihood

Video of webinar by Anand Mazgaonkar

Anand Mazgaonkar makes the case of the huge impact of extractive industries in India and the nonviolent resitance to it.

This webinar was part of WRI's eCouncil

Webinar: Extractivismo y Militarismo en América Latina

Video del webinar por Rafael Uzcategui titulado: "Extractivismo y Militarismo en América Latina"

Crónicas del Día Internacional por la Educación e Investigación libres del Ejército

El primer Día Internacional por la Educación e Investigación libres del Ejército fue organizado por Internacional de Resistentes de Guerra el 14 de junio de 2013. Activistas de India, Alemania, Sudáfrica, España, Chile, Congo, los Estados Unidos e Israel hicieron un llamamiento a la separación del sector militar y la educación. La Clase ReclutadaLa Clase Reclutada

Office and Executive Report: September 2012 - August 2013

This report has been prepared by the staff and Executive Committee

1. Introduction

The year since the Council meeting in Bilbao in September 2012 has been a period of a successful transition in the office from Andreas Speck to Hannah Brock, and the continuation of WRI’s various We are all Natan Blanc poster at vigil for Chelsea Manning, London, February 2013We are all Natan Blanc poster at vigil for Chelsea Manning, London, February 2013programmatic activities. The progressing preparation of the upcoming International Conference in South Africa 2014 and the preparation of the Council 2013 have been two further important elements of our work. In the international network, the Global Action Day Against Military Spending on April 15, the Conscientious Objectors Day exactly one month later and the days of action against the militarization of youth in June 2013 marked dates when many of our affiliates took common action.  The international political situation has remained full of challenges and issues – from Venezuela and Paraguay where our affiliates struggle for human rights and against the all-powerful influence of the military establishment through the Middle East with its various theatres of conflict and war to East Asia where our members from South Korea fight against a military basis on an island under the shadow of a major conflict between North and South Korea. This report describes the programmatic activities in the two WRI programmes (Nonviolence and the Right to Refuse to Kill), the work of WRI in the regions, the WRI-internal business and of course WRI’s financial situation.

Trident Ploughshares and Action AWE declare blockade of AWE Burghfield a success

September 2, 2013: Activists from all over Europe today blockaded the two gates of AWE Burghfield, starting at 5:15am. For almost an hour, all vehicle access to AWE Burghfield was blocked, until police cleared a lock-on blockade of six Finnish activists on The Mearings to the south of the main gate. Later, a blockade of Scottish activists and another blockade of Belgian activists were cleared to the east of AWE Burghfield, near construction gate. Up to the time of writing, 22 activists have been arrested by police, and one blockade on The Mearings leading to the main gate of AWE Burghfield is still in place.

German Bomber Base Shut Down By Ambitious 'Rhythm Beats Bombs' Blockaders

By John LaForge

BÜCHEL AIR FORCE BASE, Germany -- Over 750 people converged here at the country's largest air base – although U.S. bases at Spangdahlem and Ramstein are far bigger -- to condemn the retention of 20 U.S. nuclear weapons, in open violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and in a show of popular rebellion 150 hearty war resisters blockaded all nine base entrances for 24 hours. It was the first time in 16 years of resistance to the base's use of U.S. H-bombs by Germany's Tornado jet bombers that the compound had been completely closed to traffic by a protest.

Activista de paz sueco arrestado en fábrica de armas

Martin Smedjeback, un entrenador en noviolencia y miembro de la red antimilitarista Ofog fue arrestado el 14 de julio en Malmö, en el sur de Suecia. Martin, por escalar la valla de la fábrica de armas Aimpoint, que produce los lásers para tiro al blanco usados por el ejército de EEUU y otros ejércitos en el mundo. Durante la interrogación en la comisaria fue informado que probablemente sería acusado con traspaso ilegal o traspaso ilegal severo: crimenes que, respectivamente, tienen una sentencia máxima de seis meses y dos años.

Tactics for Combating Militarism


Thank you for joining War Resisters International and the New Tactics community for an online conversation on tactics for combating the militarisation of education, public spaces, vulnerable communities, entertainment and culture, from June 10 to 14, 2013.

Governments and other military actors around the world target youth and other vulnerable communities for military recruitment and service. Simultaneously, the militarisation of public spheres such as space and culture promote the acceptance of the prioritising of military capability and approaches. In response, human rights organizations and other campaigners have developed innovative ways of combating increasing militarisation.

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