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The Next Arms Race?

October 15, 2009

An arms race may be fermenting in Central Asia. The region’s ethnic diversity coupled with its fierce nationalism is providing fertile ground for competitive militarization. Weapon purchases are on the rise and standing armies are being bolstered. Take for example Kyrgyzstan. Last December the Kyrgyz government passed a singularly aggressive draft bill. According to First Lieutenant Ivan Mikhailov the measure is expected to bolster the current 12,500 troops with an additional 6,000 in the mobile reserve and 20,000 in the alternative service this year alone. The active call up began October 1st and is obligatory for all Kyrgyz men 18 and over.

Uzbekistan: la objeción de conciencia solamente para algunas religiones registradas

Durante el Examen Periódico Universal (UPR) del Consejo de los Derechos Humanos, Uzbekistan ha insistido que la objeción de conciencia solo será reconocida para "miembros de organizaciones religiosas registradas, cuya fe prevenga el uso de armas y el servicio en las fuerzas armadas”.

Report of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review: Uzbekistan. Addendum: Views on conclusions and/or recommendations, voluntary commitments and replies presented by the State under review



Recommendation 11

17. According to the article 22, paragraph 1, page 1 of the Law “On general military duty and military service” recruits are released from military duty and military service in a mobilization invocatory reserve during the peacetime:

(a) If recognized unfit for military service due to health problems;
(b) If one of near relatives (brother, sister) has died during the military service;
(c) If he/she has a holy order in one of the registered religious organizations.

Observaciones finales del Comité de Derechos Humanos: Uzbekistán

26 de abril de 2001


24. Preocupan sobremanera al Comité las disposiciones de la Ley de libertad de conciencia y organizaciones religiosas, que obligan a las organizaciones y asociaciones religiosas a registrarse para poder manifestar su religión y sus creencias. También preocupa al Comité lo dispuesto en el artículo 240 del Código Penal, que sanciona a los dirigentes de las organizaciones religiosas que no han registrado sus estatutos.



1 Conscription

conscription exists

Conscription is enshrined in art. 51 of the 1994 Constitution, which states: "The defence of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the duty of every citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan. All citizens are obliged to perform military service or alternative service in the way as detailed in law."

Its legal basis is the 1992 Law on Defence. [4]

military service

All men between the ages of 18 and 27 are liable for military service.

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