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War on the Balkans

The continuity of the denial of the genocide in Srebrenica

On March the 30th, 2010. the Parliament of Serbia adopted the Declaration on condemning the crime in Srebrenica.

After a long debate in the Parliament, when we could hear fascist statements from the members of Radical party, Democratic party of Serbia and Serbian Progressive party, the members of the Parliament adopted the Declaration on condemning the crimes in Srebrenica.

Crime connot be forgotten

The perpetrators must be punished!

Women in Black, Belgrade
Center for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade
Women to Women, Sarajevo

The tenth anniversary of the beginning of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 6th April 2002

Public announcement on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the beginning of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Ten years after - Public Announcement

On the occasion of 6th April, tenth anniversary of the beginning of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina

It's ten years since the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina began and escalated into one of the most infamous episodes in the entire history of the Balkans, into blood bath, waged by armed military formations and paramilitary cliques against the civilian population and marked by genocide, mass rapes and other forms of violations of basic human rights, starting from the right to live and further down the list.

Annotated contact and resource list

This list includes contact details and short descriptions of the work being done in the region by some groups with which WRI has regular and ongoing contacts.

  • The Balkan Peace Team, co-founded by WRI to facilitate long-term peacebuilding work in the countries of former-Yugoslavia, has a new coordination address at:

War Resisters' International: Balkans resource page

Rebuilding Kosov@ and the FRY: resource pages

International Network of Women Solidarity against War - International Network of Women in Black

Women Solidarity against War

Unfortunately, war tension in the Balkans have not become a part of the past, yet.

The peace agreement in Macedonia is still very fragile. Each side should put more efforts as to stop the violence. The international community is obliged to stop the renewal of violence and to disarm all sides, that do not behave in accordance with the signed peace agreement.

The civilians are, as in all previous wars, the most tragic victims of armed conflicts. The number of displaced persons has already gone beyond 115 000.

Mujeres de Negro

Como saben, la guerra en Macedonia ha alcanzado niveles extremamente graves. Hasta ahora, nuestro grupo ha organizado numerosas protestas contra la violencia y la guerra que continua en Macedonia. Nuestras amigas de Macedonia nos apoyaron durante los ultimos anhos y juntas hemos construido puentes de paz y de amistad. El 14 de julio hicimos un encuentro de paz conjunto y una accion de paz en Bujanovac. Estamos en contacto diario con nuestras amigas macedonias, estan desesperadas. Creemos que la solidaridad internacional podria ayudar a parar esta guerra.

Seis años del exodo de la Krajina

Comunicado público

Estos días se cumplen seis años de otra tragedia y otro crimen contra la población civil.

El sexto aniversario de la masacre de Srebrenica

El miércoles, 11 de julio de 2001, se cumple el sexto aniversario del comienzo de la mayor masacre ocurrida en Europa desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Ese día unidades del ejército de la República Srpska comenzaron la liquidación de varios miles de varones adultos y jóvenes de la zona segura de Srebrenica. El número exacto de los ejecutados nunca será conocido; pese a todo, está comprobado que en Potocari perdieron la vida más de 3000 vecinos de Srebrenica; el número total de víctimas es probablemente tres veces más elevado.

Woman in Black public statement on Milosevic's extradition and the war in Macedonia

It is with the utmost pleasure that we acknowledge the news that the man who brought us so much evil is finally in the Hague. The fact that Slobodan Milosevic will have to answer for wars which he started and lead, and for ethnic cleansing which he ordered, will not be much consolation to the victims of his crime and madness. But for those who have survived we are awarded a certain satisfaction and all that remains is for us to congratulate the governement of the Republic of Serbia for its responsible and courageous move in extraditing Milosevic to the Hague.

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