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El gobierno de Taiwán retrasa los planes para terminar con la conscripción

El gobierno de Taiwán ha pospuesto otra vez los planes para acabar con la conscripción, porque 'no se han podido alcanzar los objetivos de reclutamiento". El ejército taiwanés había planeado originalmente acabar con la leva para aquellos nacidos después del 1 de enero de 1994 el 1 de enero de 2016, pero estos planes vas a ser pospuestos al menos hasta finales de año. El gobierno retrasó los planes de pasar a un ejército "completamente voluntario" en septiembre de 2013.

End of conscription in Taiwan delayed

Plans for conscription to be suspended in Taiwan have been delayed. This is due to 'recruitment difficulties'. The Ministry of Defence have apparently experienced difficulties recruiting sufficient volunteers in the past 20 months since the plan was approved the plan last year and has been forced to defer implementation.

The project was originally scheduled for completion at the end of 2014, with a formal launch at the start of 2015. It is likely to be delayed for at least one year.

Taiwan: changes to conscription imminent

Taiwanese men born after 1994 will not be drafted to serve a full year starting next year as Taipei seeks to end conscription in a shift towards building a “stronger, smaller, smarter” army. Conscripted soldiers make up around 60% of Taiwan’s military.

However, they will still be enlisted for four months of training 'until deciding on whether to pursue a military career and serve the country' – our CO Update from 2010 aptly called this move 'How not to abolish conscription'. The changes will cut the army down from 270,000 to 215,000 soldiers.

Taiwan to reduce length of military service


Taiwan will reduce compulsory military service from one year to four months, the defence ministry said Wednesday, in what is widely seen as a first step towards scrapping conscription altogether.

Benefiting from improved ties with mainland China, the island’s young men will have to spend shorter time in uniform beginning from early 2015, after parliament passed an amendment to the conscription law late Tuesday, it said.

Taiwán: cómo evitar la abolición del servicio militar obligatorio

Taiwán afirma que el servicio militar obligatorio será abolido a partir del 1 de enero de 2015. Sin embargo, una mirada más atenta muestra que este no es realmente el caso. Los hombres nacidos a partir de 1994 tendrán que realizar cuatro meses de entrenamiento militar básico y aquellos nacidos antes de 1994 que todavía no hayan servido a su país, deberán hacerlo durante un año, explicó el jefe de personal del Ministerio Nacional de Defensa a los legisladores según Taiwán News.

Taiwan MND to abolish alternatives to conscription in 2015

Taiwan News, Staff Writer
Page 2
2010-04-02 12:00 AM

Alternatives to compulsory military service will disappear once conscription is abolished on Jan. 1, 2015, but the wages of soldiers will rise significantly, defense officials said yesterday.

Taiwan plans to finish conscription by the end of 2014 following successive governments' measures to cut down the size of the military.

Taiwan recruitment ad hints at changes in military


A Taiwanese tank shifts into a robot that somersaults and emits a machine gun from its back. A Taiwanese fighter jet transforms into a robot as it roars by the island's iconic stadium in southern Kaohsiung. A Taiwanese warship morphs into a robot that stomps ashore and sprints.

In scenes apparently inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster ''Transformers,'' Taiwan's latest military recruitment advertisement goes all out.

Taiwan: ‘QDR’: How to prepare for war, not provoke it

By Richard Halloran

Taipei Times, Tuesday, Jun 02, 2009, Page 8

The Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) government has launched a reform program in military affairs that is intended to rally Taiwanese to the defense of their nation, give the armed forces a clear message on fundamental changes, deter China from invading and persuade the US that Taiwan is prepared to do its part in defending itself.

Taiwán: ¿El fin del servicio militar obligatorio en el 2014?

El periódico China Post informó el 13 de marzo que Taiwán va a suprimir el servicio militar obligatorio antes de 2014. El Ministro de defensa nacional, Chen Chao-ming, ha anunciado que el Ejército de Taiwan se convertirá en el plazo de cinco años en una fuerza compuesta totalmente por voluntarios.

End of military conscription

China Post, 13 March 2009

On Monday Minister of National Defense, Chen Chao-ming, announced that Taiwan's military will become an all-volunteer force within five years. Speaking to a military committee under the Legislative Yuan, Minster Chen explained that the process would commence on 2011 and by 2014 all divisions of the R.O.C. Armed Forces will be filled with career soldiers instead of conscripts. In the future, local men will only be required to serve four months of basic military training.

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