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Country report and updates: Zimbabwe

Articles related to conscientious objection

02 Mar 2009
English reported on 24 February that Zimbabwe has embarked on a mass recruitment exercise of rural youths to be trained as soldiers against the backdrop of massive desertions of exasperated junior and middle ranking officers over low pay.

Soldiers in the country have been forced to turn to crime, looting shops and supermarkets and confiscating money and food from civilians; sparking fears of full-blown mutiny.

10 Aug 1998

1 Conscription

conscription not enforced

At present the conscription situation is not quite clear. It is believed that although legislation provides for conscription, it is not enforced.

The 1980 constitution does not mention conscription and leaves it up to Parliament to fix the conditions of service in the armed forces.

According to a government statement in 1997 Zimbabwe has no compulsory military service. The statement suggests that the 1979 National Service Act provides for the introduction of conscription, if considered necessary.

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