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Campaign of the Month: Adbusting on the London Underground

In London, activists have spent early September taking direct action against the DSEi arms fair. Every day, the entrances to the Excel Centre have been blockaded and deliveries disrupted by activists sat in roads, locked to trucks or pouring paint on the floor.

The day before the fair started, Londoners travelling on buses and the Underground public transport system were met with a series of spoof posters about the fair, which is attended by 30,000 people, including representatives from countries with series human rights concerns, and from countries that are at war. Over 300 posters - which initially appeared as official announcements from - were distributed across the network by activists from Dismaland and the 'Special Patrol Group', reminding passengers that their taxes were being used to facilitate the arms trade.

Other posters explain how weapons built in the UK were used in Israel's assault on Gaza, and that Israel will be exhibiting "battle-tested" weapons at the arms fair. Another explains the amount of arms that were licensed for sale by the UK to Gaddafi in Libya.

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Strike! magazine has also made the tools needed to replicate similar actions available on their website - the small allan keys and spanner means activists 'can gain access to around a third of bus stop advertising spacse on the planet'.