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Workshops and presentations


  • Recovering WRI's past: an oral history
  • Champions of Peace. Nobel's Peace Prize. The First 100 years
  • "Civil Visions", A european conference in 2004
  • Genocide in Gujarat, India
  • Columbia Today
  • Antimilitarism in Chile: past and present
  • Struggles in Puerto Rico


Workshops on a wide range of topics were offered three afternoons of the Triennial; while some had been planned in advance there was space for those attending the conference to seize the opportunity of having many experienced and diverse activists present and call a workshop to present, explore and get feedback on issues they were involved in. The style and content was entirely open to facilitators to create, thus workshops ranged from experiential skills learning to presentations, discussions to detailed strategy planning. These afternoons saw seeds of new actions and collaborations, the development of strategies already underway and reviews of long established campaigns. They reflected the wide areas of life e.g. theatre, direct action, writing and the involvement at all levels of political activity where people/ attendees/we are creating space and finding ways to do antiwar/peace/ nonviolence work.

The workshops were:


  • The Irish AntiWar Movement :"Our experiences of building a broad-based anti-war movement and the issues which face us"
  • Building up a culture of nonviolence -where we are
  • Nonviolent feminists responses to
  • feminisation of the military
  • "War on Terrorism": Is that a permanent global war?
  • How gender manifests itself in war situations
  • The case for the abolition of war
  • Anti-militarism activism and organizing -- A conversation about youth activism
  • Nuevos militarismos, nuevas alternativas: ante la militarización de la ensenanza y la investigación científica, escuelas por la paz y objetores científicos
  • 40 years of violence in West Papua: exploring root causes and looking for solutions
  • Writing books, being an antimilitarist and peacemaker


  • The Civilian Service for Peace (Global Peace Force)
  • "Israeli-Palestinian conflict: nonviolent options"?
  • "Citizen Diplomacy" -- an old concept worth reviving?
  • Teaching for peace and justice through children's literature
  • Voting with your head as well as your feet; voting mechanisms to help establish consensus rather than increase division and conflict
  • Psychotherapy with Violent Men -- a role of story telling in turning away from violence
  • Building a nonviolent movement in West Papua and strengthening support for it outside


  • Anybody for the World Summit?
  • Direct Action Campaign to monitor and stop US military flights refueling in Ireland
  • Dramatising stories for social change -- making theatre
  • Prisoners for Peace Day 2002
  • Peace Caravan proposal
  • Africa Working Group meeting
  • How an Irish country group of PBI might be set up in the future
  • Ag Caint as Gaeilge -- Talking in Irish
  • WRI Womens Working Group/IFOR Womens Peacemaker Project